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  1. Master Kavar up to the point where he becomes as norrow minded, as the rest not seeing your there only hope. They say the darkside clouds all, even proper judgement. Time has proven time and again, the Jedi Masters are not flawless, they make mistake all the time. but this has to be a major error, but there to blinded to see it. At that point they stopped being jedi, and became the Mob.
  2. Just because it`s a mmorpg, Don`t mean it will be bad or horrible as long as they dont take a world of Borecraft prospective. and Actually give us Story drive im happy, Something Similiar to FF 11`s Main Story.
  3. Battle Meditiation, because it's useful for all my followers since it incrases there power, while reduces the enemy's.
  4. It's all about good story telling to me, and Realistic looking armors and weapons. Without a good plot a game is nothing but pretty graphics, and no soul. kinda like kotor 2 Mask of the Betrayer was diffrent, but i still didn't like the whole story. My Favorite RPG will most likely always be Plantescape Torment.
  5. Sith LIES!!! .... Star Wars Force Unleashed, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 13, Metal Gear Solid 4 ... lot's of games coming out in 2008
  6. I found the easiest way to deal with hanarr lvl 50 was simply, to turn diffculty to low stock up on life support packs and Devestating mines.
  7. I was bored so i decided to see, what the many unused kotor models that was using KSE savegame editor. And Wow it's quite a lot. I guess some have there origin from kotor 1 kinda makes you wonder why, they didn't use them. Like the Jedi Council Member Models and such, and this really cute Jedi_Master_4h, also one thing puzzles me Carth is an Admiral. Yet his not wearing the Republic Uniform, and that red armor he has is really bad.
  8. The Sims 2 nah but seriously, mostly I'm playing Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts with my boy friend. and beating him everytime
  9. This is merely a copy-cat incident, most likely was a big fan of the tech shooting in the us and wanted to copy it.
  10. Work, attended a Staff meeting for Senior officers .... went home .. played some Counter Strike Source ... "badly as always." Fired up NeverWinter Nights 2 in my eternal attempt to make a character, i actully like... fat chance ... Gave up that ... "i've been trying to finish Oblivion since it came out but i never liked my Character. " Then i got bored of that and resumed my 14th or is it 15th play trough, of Knights of the Old Republic 2. I do have a ton of other games, I need to finish but i never seeme to get around to it.
  11. actully that's not playing to much that's wishful thinking, i'd love to have one of those. then i can reload everytime i make a mistake!
  12. Only reason i ever go dark side in kotor 2 is for the marauder Rage ability, beyond that the dark side. Don't really offer anything the light side weapon master, don't have. I did notice that i had a heck of a time beating Kreia as a Light Side Consular / Jedi Master though .... Master of the Force ye right ... Half of my Abilties got resisted or did like no damage.
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