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  1. Still lurking? If you have something else to say do it.

  2. Sent an email to PayneReactor.com

    Interesting response they gave me.

  3. Why don't you guys just get it over with and go in the corner and blow each other lol, I'm done. You don't deserve my attention. I've countered all of your arguements but all you can seem to do is insist on insults and mock everything I tried to do here from Day 1. If that's your idea of drawing more people in than I'm not shocked this place is in the state its in. Instead of throwing more gas on the fire about a stupid arguement you should be actually productively discussing KotOR (Like new ideas and such) And I have your facts right in front of me but you won't be receiving them because to be quite honest you don't deserve them with your 'nothing-better-to-do-but-kick-me-around-attitudes' when all I was trying to do was be part of a community here. But you all start-in and don't stop so I'm throwing my hands up because you people just aren't worth my time. So go ahead fire away with your insults, I really don't care. You're just a bunch of ass&*^%$ that deserve each other. When KotOR III comes out I'll be sure to return to laugh in all your TOR MMO faces.
  4. This just seems a bit convenient. He already said he's resigned to the fact that KOTOR 3 won't be coming out. lol ever since I've known you here why do you pick apart peoples arguements? It can make anyone sound important when they're obviously not, I'm talking to him not you or anyone else, so please stay out of it Mr Gandolf of Windor lmao x).
  5. We'll get to the legal stuff and documentation later, and I'd post my community but now after what I've observed here I do not wish for it to follow me after I leave this site. I know where I'm not wanted. I'm sure you'll reflect it with well I guess you're full of crap then?! If it makes you and anyone else feel better then go ahead and believe what you want, I don't have to justify myself to you. But let me ask you something while I reinstall my scanner, aside from your rolled-over point of view what exactly have you contributed to this site and KotOR in general? For someone with such a strong point of view you don't seem to give a damn about the future of KotOR. Aside from being the spelling and fact-finder police lol.
  6. There is no Kotor 3, there is no god? Nah, he just seems to give off that impression, I've met alot of Atheists that sound like him. High opinions of themselves with no faith in anything.
  7. What are you an English teacher? Who gies a s&%*...when you're posting on a forum the last thing you're worried about is proper grammer lol. Or did I use you're instead your this time lmao x) I bet I wouldn't be going too far to say that you're an Atheist. Or did I mispell Athiest, oh no...lol
  8. A shadow society dedicated to getting their KotOR III fix, fascinating! And, frankly, I think that part is absolute bunk. I spell a conspiracy theorist! Yep, we've got one. Yeah right. You're just getting funnier with each posting. Anyways, I'll write more later but you are doing nothing but leaving yourself open to attack. Nice to see users like this taking the opportunity to show their true nature, you don't want me here, just say it and I'm gone. Can't get much more one-sided than it has been posting on this forum, I dare you to find a more dedicated, intellectual fan but if you want to wittle the site down to morons and kids then that's your call... I changed it Mr Dictionary, happy...
  9. Wow the more you talk, the more I see your true nature. You're an ass, pretty simple. If you don't want to believe me, it's fine, I could careless instead of continuing this pointless conversation with someone who decides suddenly to *pop-in* and start blowing smoke. Or do you need me to scan the legal document LucasArts sent to my mailbox, no you probley want a urin sample lol KotOR III is I think still a possibility, albeit vain but not out of the question. There's a lot of people who want to see a third game and Obsidian has said they still very much want to do a third game citing the obvious pitfall of MMO story capabilities. I see no reason why after TOR is released in some years we might possibly see one, even if you and your community are resigned to your realist, rolling over type state. Bottom line- Get Over Yourself... Oh and I already contacted PayneReactor, they'll have it for me by the end of the day.
  10. I am part of a large community who wish to see a KotOR III and we have tried what you've already suggested *I guess you didn't read the legal part* As I said if you're so keen on the idea then you try it...you'll see what happens when Lucas comes barking at your door. As for the link I really didn't want to have to look through everything but you've twisted my arm, I'll get in touch with the people at PayneReactor and get back to you as soon as I get it. You must understand a large part of everything that was written back then was forceably taken down and stiff warning and penalties insued, even a few lawsuits *yeesh*. Rockstar wanted no record of the petitions community information released, everything was nuked. And unfortunetly Max Payne isn't that popular of a gaming franchise (not on the Halo, KotOR scale anyhow) and so almost no one has written anything about it, those who did were forced to take it down. Sorry, I just can't seem to find anything left...I guess they didn't want the record to show that the petition had gotten them thinkin' about a MP3, instead of doing it of their own accord. I'll get back to you, and forgive me Rhetoric lol
  11. That's my point, I read your previous posts and we have nothing but your word of your one lonely example of an online petition producing results. Your word is, frankly, meaningless without something to back it up. I can produce numerous results for other types of campaigns working with a simple Google search, why can't you do the same? Because the truth is, online petitions don't work and never have. In fact, look what website came up first when I searched for online petition results: Snopes.com. Oops, maybe that's why you haven't offered any actual facts. Personally, I don't think it is very smart to ignore advice given in good faith that is quite obviously much more informed than the ideas you are already presenting. Ah well, good luck with your efforts anyway, even if they won't actually accomplish anything. I not going to waste time digging through years of emails and intenet rederick looking for a lost petition just to satisfy you, I have a life lol. You don't want to believe me, that's fine. I could careless...to steal a line: "your words are frankly meaningless" lol Next time I think it'd be smarter for you to take your own advice. If you're so keen on proving an idea that obviously doesn't work then why not do it yourself. Things are progressing, we may never receive what we want but it doesn't hurt to try. The petition is just one of many avenues we've been exploring...
  12. So, your thoughts ^ I have another possible storyline as well...
  13. No, it wouldn't be listed or acredited to by either party by now, its been quite awhile since the petition. Finding anything left of it would be pretty tough to find, PayneReactor might have something left on it, that's about all I can think of, alot of it is due to legal issues. So you never know, it probably won't...but hey it just might work or at the very least get the right people thinking. Didn't try very hard eh? I couldn't even get my foot in the door before it was closed, that's how fast I was shot down. When people start threatening you with legal action then I decided to fold...wasn't worth a lawsuit. And forgive me but its not too smart to jump in the middle of a conversation and start talking about a discussion you were never apart of...and then begin giving advice lol. I will continue my efforts with the fans to the best of my ability, and if wanted...elsewhere.
  14. If you want to do something that might actually have a glimmer of a chance at success, organize a letter writing campaign. Yes, that's right... snail mail. Thousands of anonymous internet "signatures" are easy to dismiss because of how easy they are to fake. Thousands of hand-written letters and postcards arriving on their desks... not so easy to ignore. If people show that they are willing to take the time to write about a game then pay to mail it, it shows a much higher level of commitment than a point and click petition ever will. That's how fans accomplished things like getting the TV show Jericho renewed for an extra season, not through pointless internet petitions, but through organized letter writing campaigns. I'm not saying that it would be guaranteed to work, but it has a much greater chance of success than any internet petition ever would. I already have taken the steps you speak of a long time ago, nothing good or productive has come of it. The petitions and fans are the last hope to get our voice heard. Oh and in case you missed it... 'As one of the original Payne fans from 2001 no problem, Max Payne 2 was a great game that was just as good if not better than the original but sales did not reflect so...therefore any hopes of a sequel were put on the shelf indefinetly, three possible storylines were written by Remedy for a Max Payne 3 but ultimately scrapped upon selling of franchise to Take-Two Interactive (Rockstar Games subsidiary) in 2002. By the time rumours of a Max Payne sequel began Sam Lake (writer and creator of Max Payne) had moved on to other projects with Remedy Entertainment...namely Alan Wake. So the combined community of various Max Payne forums and fan sites got together to petition to Sam and Remedy to still make a Max Payne 3 with Take-Two (Rockstar). Even after a surprising number of signatures of support all attempts were inevitably denied and rejected, the resulting firestorm had (rather unfortunetly) stirred things at Take-Two and thoughts of a possible Max Payne 3 began once again with Rockstar...there you have it' Yep, petitions have been successful, like I said at the very least it might turn some heads. I've already talked to staff over at TOR site about it...slow progress, reason I'm even here is I'm reaching out wherever I can. Oh and uh maybe you guys missed this, post is on bottom page...http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showt...5&start=315
  15. Well instead of talk why don't you actually try and do something to help if your that big a fan, all I hear here is the "oh well..." type of attitude here...I've been trying my best since the seriousness of TOR project was announced last fall to do something about a possible KotOR III. I've been all over the web gathering support (including TOR site itself), even talked to some of the staff there Tyler Rowe, Sean Dahlberg, etc... So instead of condeming why don't you try and help...there's a lot of people out there like myself just trying to do what they can to aid any possible future for KotOR.
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