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  1. You know last time i checked no one was expecting this MMO before it was announced. Just let ppl express there disappointment freely until we get over it. Its a huge ache for us REAL kotor fans that wanted a third game. Stop getting on everyones damn case and leave them alone. But...whatever man you can say what you want, keep ranting off with your intellectual b.s. Btw...have you ever been to SLC? You would fit right in with these crazy mormons.
  2. The guys just using his freedom of speech man. Give him a break.
  3. Everyone forgot Lego Star Wars 1 and 2!!! JK but anyways i love battlefront 1 and 2. Force Unleashed was good also, game was too short tho.
  4. Just wanted to know what combos you guys think that will make the ultimate lightsaber. Please post your ideas, suggestions. Thanks Buddies!
  5. Im sorry but do you and Mr. alan have a thing going on? Cuz damn you guys just love arguing with me together. Its kinda cute Anyways my friends just keep bringing it, like i said its fun.
  6. Your kidding right? Next-gen consoles can more than handle high detailed graphics as we have seen in many games like halo 3, call of duty, GTA IV. C'mon man be realistic. Im a gamer that looks for graphics and what this PC game is bringing is absolutly nothing compared to what the consoles can bring. Thats why the consoles were invented to bring gaming to life.
  7. Still...i really dont think that the game can be as good as the trailer graphically. Just another trick of Bio-Ware trying to get more buyers.
  8. True...but the game would have many glitches and crashes. Also have you seen the screenshots for the game? The lightsaber handles look bigger than what there hands can hold.
  9. Also why waste so many nice graphics on the video when the PC wont allow those kind of graphics anyways?
  10. I wouldnt mind having this new game come out if it were for the consoles too. How many of you think the same? The trailer is breathtaking and very nice...but at the same time tear dropping when its not available for next gen consoles.
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