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  1. Gah, I can't get this one to work. I've walked in and Kreia's talked to me about the crystals, and then I've killed all the kinrath (hatchlings and matriarch), looted the room, and headed for the exit. I swapped around characters, but no luck. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. EDIT: Here's why. Bleh. I had been wanting to try that for a while. Thank God for extra saves! EDIT II: I must not be something right. Anyone care to explain this one step-by-step? I had the crystal convo with Kreia, killed the hatchlings, and then gotten chased by the matriarch; random swapping of characters didn't seem to do anything. When/wherre do I need to swap between the Exile and Atton, for example?
  2. Let me see if I've got this right: -The objective is always to gain influence. -Once you have enough influence and get somewhere with a party member, only then does the game get interested in your DS/LS alignment. Something like, "OK, so The Exile has sufficient influence with Atton Rand to do something. By the way, what's the alignment?" The answer to that question then determines your potential course of action, correct? OK, that clears up a lot of confusion on my part, and the gamefaqs suggestion---dunno how I didn't think of that before---was key to getting me over this. I appreciate the responses; you've made a shaping-up-to-be-difficult day go a little easier. :D Cheers to all respondents! You're all nominated for cabinet positions once this particular play-through rules the galaxy.
  3. I'm about to the point where I'll start influencing people, and I need a quick primer on it. The character build is, of course, a Dark Jedi, so here's the question: I'm not very good at schizophrenia, so going around like a mix between Agent Smith for in-game actions and Hayley Mills for conversations with the party is difficult. So, I need to know how the influence scale works. Is it between "no influence" and "total influence", or does it work like the LS/DS scale, where you can have either total DS influence (represented by 'influence lost') or total LS influence (represented by 'influence gained')? In other words, suppose we're dealing with Kreia. I treat her like dirt, being snappish and so forth. (Set aside for the moment that you have to show some strategic subtlety and nuanced nastiness.) I consistently get 'influence lost'. Now, does this mean that sooner or later she'll give me Dark Side results, or is it just that she won't do squat for me? I'm aiming to turn the whole bloody party, including that annoying Bao Dur, into Dark Jedi. I've never managed to get anywhere with him or Visas Marr (reliably), so any assistance is appreciated. I hope that's clear; I don't remember anyone really answering the question when I asked it last year. Thanks in advance for any responses; I appreciate the understanding. Hopefully this'll be enough to fill the question quota so that I can keep plowing through the Peragus depot and on to conquer the galaxy. Muahaha.
  4. Thanks to all of y'all for responding so quickly; it'll help me get further on Peragus in less time. That is, if my creaking Xbox doesn't give out on me; it doesn't seem to have an option to "get out and push". Hi ho, hi ho, it's down the dark path I go.
  5. I think that I've pretty much stuck to blue whenever the chance came, whether it be Light Side (boo hiss!) or Dark Side (yay!). I made it through with silver crystals once, and that was fun. Cyan was also a really neat color. My new Dark Side character'll use any of those that pop up. At one point, I vaguely remember having enough crystals and lightsabers to have any of those colors that I wanted. "Hmm, which lightsaber goes with my robes?" Tee hee.
  6. Apologies if this has been covered before; I didn't spot it in the FAQ thread, and I've long since forgotten the answer. When playing through TSL, should you store levels or not? I remember that it was a good idea with KOTOR---mind you, coming with a slight penalty for NPCs---but I can't remember what to do now. I've started my first game in four months, and I could use a little help. Oh, how I wish the Dark Side didn't rot the face of my beautiful Jedi gal. Piffle.
  7. Concur with the last two posts. At least, that's the way I analyze it.
  8. Rubbish! (Allow me a moment of fanboyish puffery.) Bastila Shan, with a British accent and killer good looks (as far as the engine would allow) is the perfect Sith Lord. With her arrogant and smug attitude, she fits amongst the Sith, far better than with the namby-pamby Jedi. She's also really good at playing the bottom of the deck apprentice thing by sucking up.
  9. OK, so I was on Korriban in the Shyrack Cave, . I went into the room where you . Before that, I saw . That didn't make any sense, because I'm playing as Miss Goody-Two-Shoes Jedi Master (albeit while wearing a Dark Jedi Knight robe), so what gives, eh? Creepy, but curious. Anyone else seen this?
  10. Heh, thanks! Guess I'll keep the alignment in order.
  11. Concur. Totally randomized items have been more of a hassle. Finding medpacs when you break into Nadd's tomb is annoying. I like the idea of localized random items. I'm still hoping to run across white robes to make my character look like the one on the back of the strategy guide, but no such luck. Sith assassins are the biggest disappointments in item giving that I can recall; I don't remember ever getting anything off of the hordes of them that I wind up slaughtering over the course of the game. The Qixoni crystal is available from the woman in the Onderon cantina who wants a starport visa. Light or Dark, it's worth getting, even if it does give Dark Side points to acquire it. I made the mistake of not doing that, and now I regret it.
  12. Heh, I was trying to wheedle some grenades out of Mira, and the following conversation takes place: MIRA: Well, keep hoping because that's not my specialty. Trust me, mass slaughter weapons just cause trouble. HK-47: Interjection: Master, I must disagree. Merely the threat of mass sl- MIRA: Would you please shut him down? He's been like that ever since he arrived. "Here's how to kill this, here's how to kill that..." HK-47: Correction: Assassination theory and the execution of said theories is my primary function. I also possess excellent hearing. MIRA: Great. Tee hee, that's amusing, and it reaffirms HK-47 as my favorite wiseacre character. Second prize goes to Atton Rand for his "We travel lightly" bit while the Disciple was fawning over my character.
  13. I'm very fond of Force Storm, since it plus a higher-level character means that you can walk into rooms full of Force-using enemies and walk out victorious without really breaking stride. There were times where I never even got to melee range, 'cause I was too busy bringing the hurt with th' Force. My LS game is leaning towards Force Wave, mostly because my lightsaber's a tad on the weak side.
  14. Well, I'll be. I found an earlier thread that suggested pressing 'X' to switch between characters, and there the earlier saves were. I guess it had something to do with the fact that every single save I'd had to date was a female Jedi guardian, using the same name, and the new game I had just started used a male. Go figure! I'm glad that was easily resolved...praise th' Lord.
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