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  1. Humor me. I must have missed the infin. experience glitch you speak of, and for some reason it's not showing up on my searches of the board. Would you mind repeating it here? I think level 28 was the highest I ever achieved, and that was with my Jedi Sentinel.
  2. We're all talking about the same Dantooine glitch apparently. I eventually got past it by just repeatedly turning off my Xbox and reloading my last game save. It finally just... worked. Go figure.
  3. I concur. <_< Most regettably, of course. I wonder if I would have liked random loot if it had been implemented more carefully. Perhaps KotOR 3 will tell... Assuming LucasArts wisely decides to milk its new KotOR cash cow and gets a development team working on it sometime in the near future.
  4. Wow, that's some poor logic on your part. You sound like a rep. for Ford when they had to recall Pintos. "It's not our fault that you bought a car that explodes. You should of had better judgement." What a joke. Looks like someone's getting too much sun in Hawaii. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I could say the same about you. Have you actually seen or heard a weather report on Hawaii? It "looks" like you're just making an ignorant comment based on preconceived notions on what Hawaii is like. Anyway, I don't see anything wrong with my logic. So why don't you explain to me your know
  5. Does anyone know if a developer (other than Akari) has posted anything in response to bugs?
  6. I've already posted my only encounter with game destroying glitchs in this forum, but I might as well chronicle it in this neat little collection. Perhaps we'll get some insight (or at least a passing comment) from the devs using this method. I'll try to make this as spoiler free as possible. * Whenever I visit Dantooine for the last time (40 hours into the game) I've encountered a reoccuring freeze where the game goes into the cutscene with my charater in the rebuilt Enclave entering the room where he will confront the Jedi Masters. So far, this has only happened with my darkside char
  7. Aight, but what if you're on your fourth playthrough and you still have yet to find any unique armors or the Saresh (sp?) visor or the three most powerful crystals??? Sorry, but if I'm on my FOUTH playthrough--shouldn't I have encountered at least one of these items in all those playing times?? This is the heart of what is irking some players like myself. I don't want to find uber-cool-super-robes the first 15 minutes of play, but I -would- like to have found at least one of them by oh say, the second playthrough. Just one cool item, just one. And I've yet to find -any- unique item in the
  8. You won't get the option to train Handmaiden without following a specific train of dialogue trees. Spoilers below. Uber spoilers in spoiler tags: First after a fighting match with Handmaiden (any sparring session will do) you need to choose the dialogue option that asks her to put on something less revealing. From there she will begin to talk about her mother, After this conversation you need to talk to Kreia about Handmaiden's mother After that you just have to increase your influence with Handmaiden until she agrees to be trained.
  9. That's exactly the same gitch I had my first time through as a Darksider. My second playthrough as a Lightsider had no such problem. I emailed LucasArts tech support. Not only did they offer no solution, but they had the audacity to tell me my disk was probably just dirty and that they hadn't seen that problem before, totally overlooking the paragraph where I stated I was on my second disk with the same glitch. :angry: And no, I do not have a modded Xbox. You need to email them, and let them know this isn't an isolated event.
  10. I don't know. I think that approach worked for Orsen Scott Card (Personally I liked Ender's Shadow best out of the series.), but I don't really think that would work well here. A month ago I would have hated the idea of playing as Reven or someone directly connected to him in KotOR3 (assuming LucasArts will get smart and continue the seriers eventually), but after playing Knights 2 I think I'd actually like playing from that perspective. KotOR 2 made me realize how much I liked the characters of KotOR 1 (yes, even *shudder* Carth). Go figure.
  11. That's how I feel. It's irritating when I loot areas that should produce unique or high power items (Korriban, Onderon Palace, Mandalorian catches, Sith assassins!! <_< ) only to find crap inventory that you'll never need or that doesn't apply to your character. I've yet to find any of the high power saber crystals, which turned into a real bitch for my Jedi Weapon Master. The random loot idea could have been a really nice addition to the KotOR license if only it had been implimented more thoughtfully. Oh, and Fenris, your quote is hilarious. "First Malak and now you. It's a pit
  12. Guess it's a universal bug then. Thanks for your replies at least.
  13. Definately sounds like a glitch. When you go to the warehouse and the droid tells you to go to work, T3 is supposed to be the character you're controlling. This is supposed to automatically happen. Sounds like broken code to me.
  14. Okay, that makes sense in theory, but in practice, if the assassins are wearing Jedi robes, shouldn't um... they be wearing Jedi robes? ...and not the assassin get-up we see them in? Technicalities, technicalities, I know, I know. :D
  15. Okay, so I've beaten the game twice, and neither time did the "Vogga the Hutt" quest show completion. In the journal it says something to the effect that I've overheard two Exchange thugs in the Cantina saying that Vogga is obcessed with Goto, and perhaps I can use that to gain an audience with Vogga. Um... okay. But I already did that. I snuck into Vogga's place, drugged his Kath Hounds, looted his loot closet :D and then proceeded to strike a deal with Vogga to supply Telos with fuel. He agrees. I spend Goto's ship into Ship Heaven, talk to Vogga again, and he says the Telos fuel deal
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