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  1. I found another bug that may or may not have been posted already. The first time you go to Nar Shadaa, do NOT talk to the beggar who asks for 5 credits and then wants you to trade information with him. Just leave him standing there. After you obtain Mira in your party later on on Nar Shadaa, come back to this beggar with Mira in your party, talk to him then walk into the garage area. Once you do this, a 2nd Mira will come up to the beggar and say "what did that Jedi want?" etc... like she normally would. Now walk back outside to the beggar, the 2nd Mira will still be standing there
  2. Something I learned on my second playthrough -- you don't need the sonic imprint sensor at ALL to open the airlock. All you have to do is go to the terminal with high enough computer skills and simply "overload" the terminal to unlock the airlock.
  3. Not entirely true. If you recall when you first get off the Ebon Hawk on Dantooine, the protocol droid standing at the landing pad has a holo recording of a conversation between Vrook and Vandar about you. You have to repair the droid and then ask him to play the recording for you. This is a recording of a period during your training on Dantooine, before you were exiled. Anyway, in this recording, Vrook is telling Vandar "I disagree with you, I think that "insert your PC's name" is a very mediocre Jedi." Vrook was obviously less than impressed with your abilities, and it seems that when y
  4. You heard wrong. High definition technology has nothing to do with colors. It merely has to do with compression and decompression of the signal as well as the electronic scan lines. All signals are high definition originally, it's just that the signal quality is reduced through various mediums and degrades the lines of resolution. HD also is progressive while standard TV is interlaced (although 1080 interlaced is considered HD, which shows you how arbitrary the term HD really is). Interlaced signals only do a scan of half of the screen every 60th of a second, while progressive TV's do a s
  5. SPOILERS: Yes I noticed the same thing in all three of my playthroughs. And the hologram of yourself is always DS for some reason. Obviously it has to do with you and Revan's backstory and history -- I just don't know what it is about. A couple of people here have suggested that your PC IS Revan, like in the first game. I find that hard to believe, but perhaps this is one reason they say that.
  6. Turns out it was a glitch in the game. I just restarted, did a reload from telos and did the planet all over again. This time I did pretty much the same stuff, including selling T-3 right off the bat. Once I was done with the reuniting husband and wife quest, the slavers invaded my ship and lo and behold, the plot advances. One thing I forgot about my previous game -- when I would try to enter the ebon hawk, the dude with wings who oversees the landing pad would be hovering beside the ship. When I would try to have dialogue with him, nothing happened. I noticed this time through, he w
  7. This is my third playthrough and I am stuck on Nar Shadaa. I need help from those who have had similar problems. Here is what I have done: #1) I sold T-3 to the droid merchant. Now when I try to enter the Ebon Hawk it will not allow me and it says "You need T-3 as your navigator" #2) I have done every possible quest on Nar Shadaa including paying the dude outside of the cantina 2000 credits to go talk to the exchange for me. The plot still hasn't advanced. #3) I have killed all of the exchange, including the overseer and I have killed all of the Sereco. #4) I rescued Nadia
  8. What sucks about the juma juice quest on Nar Shadda is the fact that once you dance for Vogga the first time, you cannot dance again. I just now got the juma juice quest in my journal and I cannot open up the dialogue option in order to dance. Also, the guy who is in charge of the dancing in the cantina has now since dissapeared. I have the same problem with the Rodian merchant. I am trying to open up the dialogue with her so that I can allow her to stay in business. There is no dialogue option. The other merhcant, the Duros, wont let me see his inventory because I have not ran the Ro
  9. OK, I guess I am just unobservant, but could someone tell me HOW to get HK-47 working? I can find the processor and the vocabulator, but can NEVER find the chassis. I have beaten the game twice and checked every possible corpse, vendor, and container and still have not found a chassis! I can even find the HK pacifier but not the chassis. WHERE IN GOD'S NAME is the CHASSIS? (w00t)
  10. SPOILERS: The game clearly designates Kreia as Traya, however, when you are talking to Kreia at the end of the game on Malachor, there is a dialogue option where you can ask her "Why did Atris betray me?" and Kreia answers with something like "She betrayed herself" and "There must always be a Darth Traya." Kreia didn't specifically say Atris was Traya, but she implied it by saying "Atris betrayed herself and there must always be a Darth Traya." Just another aspect of the game that was very confusing and an aspect the Devs could have made more clear. The only thing I can ga
  11. Much has been made of Nihilus, mostly people moaning about how the character's ostensible futility and how the name doesn't make a lot of sense. This is understandable considering most people aren't very smart and/or educated, and I believe the Devs focused their efforts with the story for those with a little analytical and rational ability (much to their chagrin I fear). Before I even played the game, I knew exactly why the Devs had named this Sith Lord "Nihilus." Some people on these forums have correctly pointed out that Nihilus is a play on the latin "nihil" which means "nothingness
  12. No, it only shows the one pointing the finger of unlettering as being unlettered himself. Schopenahauer was well known as having a close affinity with a lot of eastern ideas. He also predated Darwin and Spencer. ----Bows head---- I usually acquire that reputation most places I venture. What exactly constitutes outdated? Would you have been more happy if I would have thrown Dewey, Wittgenstein or even Foucalt in your eye? Everything Zen? I don't think so. --marks on pad--- What else would you like to reveal about yourself to the good doctor, Nur?
  13. I beg to differ with your synthetic judgement. :cool: Actually, as I said in a previous post, it is not unlikely that a civilization far more advanced than any we have seen on earth would reach a technological apex inasmuch as further progress in technology is seriously hindered to a point of almost abeyance, and therefore slowing progress tremedously to a point where there may be little tangible difference in a couple of thousand years.
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