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  1. @Shadowstrider Well, we perfectly agree then! :D In terms of features the game is superior to it's predecessor, but not when it comes to delivering a coherent, well-rounded storyline. Merry Christmas then buddy
  2. @Shadowstrider LoL by saying it's about nostalgia you clearly deny that certain components in the game are simply screwed. If it was like that how do you explain that e.g. NOBODY complained about BG2 when BG1 got pretty much every trophy by magazines and gamers alike? It still got better. Say that again in February when the PC version of Kotor2 gets released and the number of complaining people triples.
  3. I agree absolutely. This was the game's essential problem. Maybe we should launch a site called BringBackRevan for KotorIII. The Star Trek community has this BringBackKirk thing, so why not? :D
  4. I beg to differ with your synthetic judgement. :cool: Actually, as I said in a previous post, it is not unlikely that a civilization far more advanced than any we have seen on earth would reach a technological apex inasmuch as further progress in technology is seriously hindered to a point of almost abeyance, and therefore slowing progress tremedously to a point where there may be little tangible difference in a couple of thousand years. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So what was your earlier post about then? I was just trying to say that Star Wars is a story not a reality. There is no need for logic in there. Hence your assumptions about the life and death of civilizations don't apply here.
  5. @Tasthius Nur Ab Sal is right when he says that in the SW universe science is only a decoration. Of course over 4000 years civilizations develope quite a bit but thats besides the point. SW is a fantasy universe in which this element of "progress" is not part. Differences between the time of Revan and Vader are only cosmetic and only if they serve storytelling (for example the extent of the Republic).
  6. I don't know why you are so aggressive now. As far as I know nobody here talked about "copying" or anything. I just believe that the John Williams music is an essential part of what makes Star Wars what it is. So it has nothing to do with copying if a Star Wars games contains pieces of the original score.
  7. Well see thats your problem: You wan't a realistic approach to it. I don't wan't the game to stay true to what the EU says but I wan't it to stay true to what George Lucas invented.
  8. Yea but its meant to be that way. 4000years before episode 1 is supposed to look like in the movies. Part of the SW universe that things don't change much there. It's not like in reality
  9. Good for you. If you properly read this thread you will find out that simply because I and others don't like the music it doesn't mean we dislike everything. I think Kotor2 is a solid RPG but the bad music takes away a lot, and doesn't feel like SW for me. Thats a matter of opinion. Also I think 40 bucks for the game gives people the right to post their thoughts here all right?
  10. Agreed. Though I don't think the problem with the game is that it was rushed. It's actually a solid RPG but for me it simply fails to deliver the Star Wars atmosphere that we had back in part one. The story, the characters, the music - not Star Wars. Period.
  11. Well you know the original score pretty much has every theme in it and can really be applied in any situation during the game. No need for John Williams to compose personally. I mean in all previous SW games they used what they had from the movies. There simply is no need for this strange soundtrack they had in Kotor2 and as I said this ruined the atmosphere. @Thingolfin The song you refer to is called "The Old Republic" and Soule did an excellent job on that one I agree. Why they didn't use that one is obscure to me.
  12. Thats precisely what I mean. And I hope they do exactly that for Kotor3.
  13. Yes but the SW music is property of Lucasfilm and Lucasarts is their property too.
  14. Np. My point is just that when you think about Star Wars isn't the music not like 50% of what we love about SW? When you hear it you can automatically associate it with SW. Its unique. You can feel the whole "redemption" business and the good/evil battle in all those themes. This may sound like an advertisement now :D It's just that the Kotor2 music is in sharp contrast to that which is really a pity.
  15. Kind of ironic that you're complaining about the "darker" or grim music, but then mention two pieces of music that are most associated with the "dark" characters (Maul and Vader). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thank you for that. Well the point with those is just that they are not monotonous as in Kotor2. They really have rhythm and are quite inspiring in the SW way if you know what I mean. The Kotor2 music is just depressing and lack this epic thing.
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