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  1. I hate this new system! It makes finding awesome items all but impossible! Gone are the days, after playing through several times, can you go on the interent and ask where to find kickass items. Why is this? Because its not in the same friggin place! I have gotten the same stuff over and over again! I have even done the "save, reload, rinse and repeat." method, and while it does eventually give you some cool items, it takes four hours of quiting, reloaing, checking again.....I'm sick of it! Thoughts on this new crappy blunder by the devs?
  2. Ahhhh, your first mistake...... smurfs are blue.....silly! "
  3. Yeah, I remember reading that too. They said it would be a completly optional side quest, but it was recommended because your original lightsaber would be the most powerful in the game, or something of that nature. There just HAS to be a way to get it. I suppose ten different people will all have to play through it, and ALL try different dialouge options. This is gay.....I want my saber!
  4. Being Dark side and kicking Vrook's @$$. :ph34r:
  5. Yes and no. Some things were to easy, where they should have been hard (I beat the living **** out of Sion AND Nihilus). Then some things that should have been a breeze, took forever (Hanharr vs. Mira). The funny thing about being a Sith Lord is I just kept Force Crushing Sion, until he fell. I didn't hit me once! :cool:
  6. There has to be a way to get it back.....I mean you wouldn't have gone through the process of describing it to Atton just to have Atris show it to you for a second and then never see it again.....hmm I wonder. Anyone have the official guide?
  7. I didn't see it either....but then again, I wouldn't have gotten it anyway. I always had Visas with me (love the miraluka) ..............and if I needed to see people's alignments, I would just use her.
  8. But I killed....everyone basically. Why couldn't it have at least ended with me and Visas standing before the entrance of the Trayus Academy....or something. I mean she loves me, and I love her, and she said she would always be by my side, adn that she would never leave me........but she is no where to be found???
  9. Exact thing happened to me! I am your mentor now.....and you have nothing left to say to me??? WTF?
  10. I agree. I didn't know what I was fighting for.....sith or Jedi...it didn't matter. As a dark side male, I was left on a rock floating in space, with no way to get off planet, no way to take over the Sith Empire, no way to....LIVE for crying out loud! And I have no idea what Traya was talking about at the end! She has accomplished what, with having me kill Nihlus and Sion (and her)??? Now the galaxy has nothing.....no Jedi (I killed them all), and no sith because I killed them too. So what now???????
  11. I agree. Master Vrook was always a bastard to me (Revan) in the first one....its only fitting that one who served under Revan should kill him! I enjoyed it muchly!
  12. Yeah I was disapointed when I didn't see anymore of Carth after the Desiple contacted him. And he made Admiral in just five short years....loser! <_<
  13. Atton~ "How come, everywhere we go, I end up in a cell?" Atton~ "Please tell me I'm not going to jail AGAIN!" Atton is a funny guy! But he has nothing on HK-47 and Jolee in the first one. They were the funniest star wars characters EVER! :cool:
  14. I have already beaten the game and I'll just give you all one little piece of advice...DON'T trust ANYONE. I don't care who they are or how you met them or what they tell you.....don't trust them. *Except a certain dark Miraluka.....my beloved would never betray me.....* "
  15. I know what you mean....but have you gotten her flashback yet? If you have, then that might explain her coldness.....I won't spoil it for you....
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