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  1. I can flirt with her a little, and she says something about being too old. Does it end there or can you push it later?
  2. I juiced up on stims, activated my shields and made sure that I used bao durs shield breaker
  3. only option is to go to Nar first and be kinda light to get mara...then you can corrupt her
  4. omg u have 2 kill her because if you r teh d4rk s1d3 you get teh w00k13.
  5. What sucked is a couple days ago from a quest I got a double bladed saber, silver crystal and a solari crystal...and promptly had a power outage before I saved. I havent been able to get goods like that since
  6. I think it's funny that I've gained enough influence with HK that he's solid light side...but still loves wanton murder
  7. is there any place to influence mandalore besides Onderon? I cant believe helping him with the clans didnt gain me anything
  8. It's lame you only get influence for saying you support Vaklu and not for telling mandalore the mandalorians were worthy adversaries.
  9. I'm betting it's not in the game, cut along with everything else. I know they wanted to make it a quest but I dont understand if the quest was cut why they couldnt make Atris drop it when you fought her before you head to Malachor.
  10. ive been riding the line...I'll take DS points for influence then earn my light points back
  11. oops didnt see the post a couple back. Crap, now I gotta replay Onderon
  12. has anyone been able to influence mandalore? I really want to hear his stories of Revan. I havent been able to dent him up or down
  13. Once you turn party members to Jedi, is there any point to influence them further? Will they tell more about their past? I've turned everyone and I'm wondering if I should continue to spend time with them or turn my attention to the droids and mandalore
  14. Is there any point in continuing to seek influence after turning Mira, Bao Dur, Handmaiden and Atton into Jedi? Is this the "culmination" or is there more to find out?
  15. influence with HK.. The first time you make it to Onderon the soldier stops you on the way in to ask what you're doing. Use Force Persuade to tell him you dont need to talk to him. HK comments about your ability to persuade without violence. I gave a slightly dark answer "if we werent in the city...." I gained influence with HK and no dark side points.
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