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  1. I had this one a couple of times too. My only suggestion is to save before you start conversation with her that lead to sparring sessions. Best advise I can give
  2. Not everything Dark Horse has done with SW has been worthwhile reading, not all of it has been bad either. I do admit that I can't pick up most of the things they release because the Dark Horse Expanded Universe is so looney. This idea appeals to me as well. The problem is that Dark Horse hasn't done anything original with the franchise since the KOTOR series was launched. They have mostly been producing filler stories, and these stories have been clashing very badly with the canon films. Some of these stories have plot holes are so huge that you could navigate Death Stars through them. It would be nice to get some original KOTOR stories, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  3. There is no "black colored crystal" in the game. You do get a "personal crystal" that will turn as light or as black as your character's soul. Every now and then it's a good idea talk to Kreia about your crystal and she will make sure that it matches your progress towards the light or the darkside. Near the end of my first game my personal crystal description was "glows brightly".
  4. The rarity of lightsabers is good, and the fact that later in the game the usefullness of the workbench becomes 100% clear. The workbench produced some fantastic Lightsaber upgrades. It was interesting how people with certain skills could only be the ones to build certain things for you. Some Lightsaber upgrades required high repair skills while others require moderate to high Awareness or Treat injury skills. While the Ebon Hawk has the workbench, T3 acts as an upgrade station as well. The only problem I have is that crystals are too much of a roll of the dice in certain places. The places you can buy them don't have the same gear each time. I'm on my 2nd run through the game and alot of the great crystals I had in game one just aren't there this time around.
  5. I could agree with that if weren't the argument that Kreia uses. She's not talking about tough love, she's talking about the balance of power and the nature of people vs the nature of the force. She attaches dark things to every single scenario. Helping people or standing by and doing nothing. She is terribly conflicted and talking out of 2 sides of her mouth in many examples. A Jedi at fault with charity? With help? With service? I am constantly gaining lightside points and losing influence with her whenever we talk. It remains to be seen what long term impact this will have on the story.
  6. -No spoilers here so don't worry, you can read with safety- Ok after several hours of solid play I decided to come up for air and talk briefly about Kreia and the other people who will be joining your party through the game. First of all get your full weather coat around Kreia because she is COLD. She has no respect for anyone except you. She's very disturbed to find herself in the role of teacher. I think she recognizes it as the WILL of the Force and won't walk away from obviously what is a "calling" There are moments when she can say things that are very wise and profound, then there are other times she can be icy. I get the feeling that the last 5 years HAS BEEN REAL BAD FOR THE JEDI. You have people interested in purchasing Jedi like collector's items on Ebay. The Republic is basically waiting to sneeze it's guts into a tissue paper and lay down and die. There isn't a heck of alot of hope, just a lot of darkness and confusion. If there is hope, then you are that hope because the galaxy has had hope sucked out of it. Real dark times. It's not just Kreia, it's all of them. Your party. They are such a conflicted group of people. Winning influence will leave you wondering if you are losing focus of what's important. If you are playing a lightside game like I am then you recognize that you literally are the moral compass for this group. This is not Revan's loyal bunch of unselfish companions who wanted to make a difference. This is a group of "Me- Myself- and I", and "What's in it for me" Watch your back because I don't trust any of these people..............yet.
  7. That's the feeling I'm getting from the game stores. The people at Gamestop didn't know and didn't care when the game was going to be released. People kept coming in asking for it and each time the guy would go to his computer! It was hilarious! How could the guy forget something he had read only a few minutes ago?
  8. The biggest problem I'm hearing about from people who SAY they are playing the game right now is frame rate issues. When too many characters on the screen the game slows down. Others are saying that they haven't had any bugs during gameplay, only during level loads. Save often would be my advice.
  9. Nice quote. I know another. It goes something like this: "The Woman, for she is the power of the breath of God"
  10. I got off from work and headed straight to Target and found that TSL had been sold out. I was told only one day before that they would not run out of copies due to heavy ordering. Now they don't know when they will be getting the next order. The man in the electronics dept admitted that they didn't expect to be sold out so quickly. I drove around to the game stores. I don't really know why, I certainly knew what to expect from the brainless wonders who mind the retail counters of the gaming industry. I had no high expectations, actually no expectations at all. If I got lucky I would be happy, if I didn't........well tomorrow was another day. What I found was more than garden variety incompetence. What I met was a weird kind of cluelessness from the staff at the 2 game stores I went to. One guy at the local Gamestop said that KOTOR2:TSL was not that big of a release, so there wasn't an overnight delivery priority. He actually had to check his computer for a release date. I thought, "Why wouldn't he know what the release date is?" There is a giant TSL poster in the damn store, so I broke out laughing. I wasn't alone. So I looked at the people in the store. "How many of you came here to get a copy of TSL?" Almost everyone in the store was there for the same reason I was. We all looked at this guy like he was dumbest person in the gaming world. I counted about 15 people in the store at the time, more would pop in and out from time to time asking for a copy of TSL. "You're not going to have enough copies to meet the demand" I got no response because this guy knew I was telling the truth. The most award decorated game of 2003, a million plus best seller, and a pre christmas release date, and Gamespot doesn't think it's a major release? I know I won't be coming back to Gamespot tomorrow because this guy told me he didn't know when the delivery was coming in. "Check in around Thursday" Puh-leeeeze! The people at the local EBgames were alot better. They know they have copies coming, they even know the general time of their delivery. They told me to reserve and so I did. Some guy walks up behind the register and asks, "What are you doing?" He tells him that I'm reserving a copy of TSL. "Ok that's the last one, don't do anymore" Are you guys starting to get the picture? No one took the release of TSL seriously at all. Except us of course. The discount chains are sold out for being the first out the gate. The game store people are checking their computers because quite honestly they don't know what the hell is going on beyond the 6 inches in front of their faces. Too many people want this thing, and the game stores are going to be cleaned out. My advice if you don't have a reservation to pick one up is to go online. Yeah I know, the waiting, but at least you will know that the game is going to be delivered. The people at the local game store? Well he has to check his computer then guess. Demand for TSL is huge, and there just aren't going to be enough copies to go around. Pre-orders are exceeding the number of units being delivered now. The biggest problem with TSL may not be the game play it may be getting your hands on a copy.
  11. It depends on how old your Xbox is. I bought a new one and the bugs I had on KOTOR1 and few other games came to an end.
  12. The guys working at GameStop aint the brightest people working at gamestores in my local area. One guy told me Thursday and the other told me Tuesday. The promo in the store says Dec 6th. When I pointed that out to them they said "Oh! It might come out tomorrow, just give us a call first" This Gamestop didn't have a copy of Fable until almost 3 days after official release when everyone was already playing it. There were other stores that had the game, even other Gamestops. This is the reason why I don't put money down on games anymore. It's not a guarantee that you will be playing the game on the release date. Target was the first place I looked this morning. The man at the Target store tells me they already have them in stock and will have them on the shelves tomorrow. No early releases though. LA might have had something to do with that. Amazon.com even states on their site that they will be getting their copies FROM Target. So if any of you have a Target near you and you are worried about the game stores with a late release then I suggest you find your local Target because the guy I spoke to says they won't running out of copies. He says they have a standing order to keep themselves well supplied up untill Christmas.
  13. I suggest you phone ahead before heading out to a store. The people who work in game stores aren't always the brightest people and they may not put the game out as soon as the delivery truck arrives.
  14. the reviewer said that it took 17 hours to get a lightsaber. I wished he would have elaborated on if this was THE lightsaber quest or if you won't be able to loot a lightsaber from one of the fallen foes in the game. 17 hours?!!!!!
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