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  1. what do u mean that its not a proper romance?
  2. If u are male who can u have a romance with?
  3. I havent played TSL so im not gonna say anything bad about it but I've heard that obsidian didnt exactly do a good as a job as bioware.... GO BIOWARE!!! I never experienced a single bug on KOTOR 1
  4. Ya but the thing is....I've already played KOTOR and I know everything in there already ( I probably did al quests except like 2 of em ) I'm afraid the bugs in TSL will ruin the game for me.......
  5. I have rented and finished KOTOR I havent touched TSL. I'm hearing alot of bad things about TSL like framerate and BUGS. But I'm also hearing good things like the 9.3 it got from IGN and It got alot of best RPG awards and Best Story awards. I have to wait until the summer to get an xbox and my PC sucks. (the most advanced game it can play is Jedi Academy and even that isnt perfect) So I have played and finished KOTOR. I dont remember all of it. ( main parts though ) My QUESTION is Should I get KOTOR wich I know is my favorite game EVER Or should I get TSL ? Th
  6. ......................Riiiiiight................................
  7. Thx guys pls click this if u wish to help me further http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=29578
  8. Is bastilla in this game or not? Are there romances in this game ( like the first ) or not? These are yes or no questions so please say either yes or no Thank You
  9. well....I can only get one or the other should get this game even though I havent played KOTOR?
  10. If some one has never played KOTOR then do u think they will understand what is happening in KOTOR 2? Please respond quickly Thanks!
  11. I need to know if KOTOR 2 is a cliffhanger ending PLEASE DONT POST SPOILERS! this answer shouldnt be a spoiler since im asking if its a cliff hanger ( to be continued ) not exactly what the ending is Yes or No?
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