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  1. Seems like a terrible shame to me. She was such a unique character concept. Now, instead of a strong, armored priestess with a blunderbuss, we get a wild-eyed loon in a dirty robe carrying around a stick. In fact, it seems like there's very few female companions right now: just the eskimo dwarf, the feathered paladin and a potentially dead or insane woman. Please bring back Cadegund.
  2. Thank goodness! Please tell me they've had the good sense to bring back Cadegund!
  3. I still don't see how it makes sense for stamina to be healed by magic and elixirs while health is healed by resting. Seems to me like it should be the other way 'round.
  4. I guess I just really liked the flexibility to create your own party dynamic by matching different combinations of characters. With a limited number of companions, your party dynamic is a little bit pigeonholed as well.
  5. I wish there were more companions than just eight. Baldur's Gate 2 had something like 17 companions. Even Neverwinter Nights 2 had 12. I know we can create our own companions too, but they won't have personalities of their own like the main ones will. Finding a new companion in BG2 always felt like a reward. I think there's something to be said for that.
  6. I believe some people really may be resting that often in PoE, hence my suggestion to prolong the time between rests. Of course, if you put it off too long, your companions could die of their wounds... Bandages and elixirs would only be a temporary solution: literally putting on a bandaid.
  7. Much has been said of the dualistic nature of the health system in this game: health vs stamina, how healing only replenishes stamina and how resting is needed to restore health. This seems a bit counterintuitive to me: magic and medicine can only rejuvenate your energy, but a good nap at an inn heals all wounds? That seems like the reverse of how things should be. Now, rather than proposing a drastic revamp of the whole system, I would like to suggest one new idea. It seems like some people are frustrated at having to rest more frequently to heal their melee characters. Why not simply inc
  8. Make sure to share the wealth. If you use a custom portrait for that character, please upload it! I'm sure there are many others who would agree.
  9. If each attribute contributes something worthwhile to every character class, then that certainly opens up a lot of new character possibilities. I hope it ends up being as awesome as the hype would have us believe.
  10. Another idea I've been bandying about is the Assassin, a stealth-focused class that would excel as a "striker" in combat. Where the fighter class has a choice of weapon specializations, the assassin could specialize in his or her preferred type of target. A battlefield assassin could specialize in killing unwary warriors in the melee without drawing attention, whereas a wizard-slayer would focus on spell-resistance and tactics for eliminating casters (including firearms, I would expect).
  11. I know this is a little premature, considering that the vanilla version of PoE isn't even out yet, but I figured, what the heck, why not engage in a little XP brainstorming and speculation. Ever since PoE's class lineup was announced, I've been toying with some additional ideas for character classes that could be neat. I especially liked the creative spin that the developers have placed on the new Chanter and Cipher classes, and I think those two classes should set the tone for the kind of classes that would be potentially playable in future incarnations of PoE: a new intriguing take on an exi
  12. If I create a second character at the Adventurer's Hall, I'd be tempted to use this portrait for a chanter, wizard, priest, druid or cipher.
  13. Template For Character Creation: First Name: Godwine Last Name: I'll make something up later. Appearance: Race: Human Age: 30-ish Height Above Average Weight: Average Eyes: Blue Hair: Dark Blond/Light Brown Facial Hair Style: Short Beard Personality Profile: General Health: Generally healthy Deity: Will wait and see what choices there are. Initial Alignment: Neutral Good Profession: Lesser Nobleman/Adventurer/Loremaster (sort of like a medieval Indiana Jones...) Base Class & Proposed Development: Chanter with some emphasis in melee combat Habits/Hobbies: Archaeology, Book-Learning, Perf
  14. I almost always start out as a Paladin, but I'm now strongly considering starting out as a Chanter from what I've read about them. As for my party, I'm sure I'll be swapping companions in and out of the party as needed (at least for the first playthrough), but I expect that I will bring along Eder, Cadegund and Pallegina for much of the time.
  15. They can just put sepiatone over their existing concept art, and there you go: fancy lore tome.
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