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  1. Yes, it is a very big difference in power. That was part of my point. There are tons of characters you could label "Sith", but few you could truly label a Sith Lord. In KoToR there were only 3. Reven(if you did DS you could label him twice), Malak, and Bandon. Bandon was powerful enough for the title, but it was like a newly raised Master. Some times your just not powerful enough. When I went through the second time DS my Reven would have made sure Bastila was Darth. He...I mean they...would have gone on to rule the galaxy as Darth Reven and Darth Plaything....I mean Darth Bastila.
  2. To #55: It's Revan not Raven.. _______________________________________________ "At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, I have to ask: why don't people think the Exile him/herself is Revan? I mean, you wake up on a ship not knowing who you are, who you were before. The records on the Ebon Hawk have been erased, giving you no idea about where you've been -- you could've been to places beyond the Outer Rim for all you know, but the records have been... removed. Aren't the Exile and Revan one and the same person? There are references to Revan in the third person, of course
  3. This is a question best suited for the spoilers board, I would ask you kindly move it there, lest someone stumble on this topic and learn something they dont want to know.
  4. #32- "Dark jedi can use lightning and gripping and other force powers to a certain amount but it are the Sith who have more knowledge of the dark side and fullly embrace it. Their force powers will be far more destructive than those of a puny little jedi." pfft, that's a highly unmotivated opinion..if Jedi are so weak compaired to Dark Force Users then how come DFU's havent managed to completely exterminate or purge the galaxy of the Jedi or their teachings? #33- "First, there is a big difference between being Dark Jedi, Sith, and being a Sith Lord. Yuthura, was never a Sith Lord/Darth
  5. It couldnt have been Vrook because...
  6. Er, you do realize that the artists who make board avatars are not the same people responsible for tracking down bugs? Not every Obsidian employee is a programmer, y'know... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Appearantly he doesnt, and the fact that he quoted yoda in his insult to KotOR II is pretty sad..
  7. ?.....Fenris, you are refering to an optional part of the KotOR II storyline.. This "Sith Lord List" has proven to be a very difficult thing to put together mostly because the poster didnt give any guildines like they actually had to be trained, couldnt be redeemed ect...
  8. "Revan was redeemed or not redeemed, the choice was yours."I meant that for a period, Revan was redeemed from the DS and that wasnt the player's choice, the jedi council did it. Perhaps I should have used Kyp Durron for an example...Bah! It's been some time since I scowered the SW.com EU databanks reading up on dead Sith from years past. It also lists Darth Vader who if I am not mistaken is redeemed just before he dies, is he not? Anyway, I just relised that Nur Ab Sal posted Ulic Qel-Droma long before I braught him up...guess I should learn to read previous posts better.
  9. pffft, this thread HAS to be a joke...eventhough she's the game endboss she is weak even on the most difficult setting I would say Vrook was the strongest of all NPC's you fight (err, you dont have to fight Vrook though)...You dont even have to fight her stupid sabers, when they appear run off the platform and around the side then around the back, they usually get stuck on the side and she is left defenceless.
  10. "Yeah, I pimped her out. In two visits I had remade the 2000 credits it took to buy her. Guess Obsidian couldn't resist taking a hint from Grand Theft Auto." -Bwah, I was DS..I didnt buy her, I won her in a hand of pazaak. "exorting the Crimson Sun slavers" -....Are you refering to the Red Eclipse? "Although getting and installing the HK Pacifist Protocal Upgrade into HK-47 was a hilarious benefit for being LS with Greeda on Nar Shadaar" -LMAO, I've never seen that..next LS game I do I'll have to see about making HK-47 a pacifist.
  11. I would feel more ashamed to have written that post, then to have asked the question Tyrell did.
  12. You aren't Revan, that's a ridiculous claim..You are portrayed as standing next to Revan to symbolize that you once stood with s/he during the Mandalorian wars (part of you're past/future which was the whole idea of the tomb) Whoever suggest you're Revan obviously hasnt payed close attention to the KotOR II storyline.
  13. Oh please not ANOTHER KotOR III thread, dont you bother looking? there must be three or four still active..
  14. I happen to think a SW MMORPG set up right would be a great game, of course I have yet to play a single MMORPG I would consider 'good' or worth the monthly fee's but the idea is something I believe interests alot of gamers. No, I am not defending the idea of a KotOR MMORPG and I'm certainly not defending SWG, simply the idea of a SW MMORPG that works,isnt a grind and is widely accepted. The idea of interacting with other gamers in addition to NPC players, exploring vast worlds that if you didnt have a map in you could quite possibly get lost in and a well balanced combat system/levelin
  15. I wouldnt call optional and extensive new choices of dialogue a "problem". If anything, I think it brings alot more to the game (for example, instead of playing the game through once or twice and grasping every aspect of it, now you must play from many angles many different times to grasp every aspect of the story).Or if you dont want to do so, then I suggest saving before party member conversations so you can re-load and explore all options. And, I am very sorry to hear that you miss the old, restrictive, obvious dialogue choices and game development that plagued KotOR.
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