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  1. Is there any pics/photos/art of Darth Revan out on the web? I'm doing an article and I need one to put in the banner for the article.
  2. I played TSL and beated it, but I never used Mandalore at all and I NEVER talked to him. But now I'm going back to play KOTOR and I have been using Canderous a lot in my party and talking to him a lot. So when I play TSL again, I'm going to use Mandalore a lot and talk to him. You know, a nice continuity in his character. But I have heard that he really has not backstory and you don't learn anything from him. Is that true?
  3. If I'm not mistaken, in TSL at the beginning once you saved Atton. If you made Revan DS, didn't he say something like the rumors say that once Revan returned to Korriban to begin his new rule as Sith Lord, he said that once he got there there was some huge Civil War that broke out on Korriban which destroyed the Sith Academy and killing almost all if not ALL of the Sith there. With that being said, it would make since for DS Revan to go and fight to True Sith alone, because what he had on Korriban was already gone. It all boils down to that old saying "If you want something done right, the
  4. In TSL it is explained and stuff how the Mandalorian War made the Jedi crave....power and strength and stuff like that. You know, things that are against the Jedi code. War makes the Jedi crave battle and death....atleast thast how TSL puts it. That is why the counsil didn't wan to Jedi to go fight in this War. But what about the Clone Wars? That lasted for 3 years and stuff but yet no Jedi turned evil because of it. Don't say Anakin because even after the wars end he was good, it is the later events that turn him bad. So my question is, TSL makes it seem as if War is a bad thing
  5. Exactly! Anyways to stay on subject. I really don't know what to view of Revan now really. Do I view him as the same? You know, the ex Jedi who became evil and wanted to conquer all. Or the ex Jedi who became evil....for the right cause but unfortunatly got caught all up in it.
  6. I like your idea but something like this probably won't be used cause it....in a way has already been done. You know, like hiding Revan's kid and such. Seems similar to Luke/Leia being hidden. And them going out to seek their father is all similar to Luke in ANH going out to follow in his fathers footsteps. Nice idea, but not really original. But still, nice concept and something like this COULD be used.
  7. From the Attack of the Clones DVD Commentary from George Lucas himself: Keywords....takes him upon the road to the darkside. And the road ends in EP3 when he actually does something that is WAY WORST then killing Tuskens. I won't tell you what it is he does, but its something really evil. After that in the scene where he confesses to Padme he has this to say: Again the Keywords: beginning of him sliding into the darkside. That clearly states that he isn't on the Darkside yet BUT he is sliding further and futher to and and SOON (EP3) he will be there at the DS. Bu
  8. Again man thats so stupid. How are you going to disregard what George Lucas the creator of Star Wars! What you are saying makes no since. In other words you are saying that Anakin didn't fall because thats how GL set it up but in YOUR MIND you say he fell. So really what you say isn't a truth but more of an opinion. I guess I just spend too much time around TFN....people who actually know the Star Wars movies. Anakin DOES NOT turn to the Darkside in EP2. Did his journey to the DS begin in EP2? YES! But that does not say that he went to the DS. If I take a 10 day journey from Nort
  9. ditto. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Double ditto I like the idea of following in Revan's footsteps rather then the Exile's. But until this is officially confirmed by Lucasarts....this is nothing more then just a rumor. Maybe a strong a heavily backed up rumor, but a pure rumor indeed. I'm not giving my hopes up just yet.
  10. wow...simply wow. I was trying to help you with your article, but man...forget it <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, thanks for helping me out and I did go off. But saying Anakin fell to the DS in EP2 has got to be one of the funniest things ever. Anyone with basic knowledge of the PT would know that EP3 is where Anakin falls but apparently EVERYONE doesn't know that. Thanks for helping me out though and my article will be written once I beat KOTOR and TSL again. Which will be awhile from now.
  11. I didn't want this to turn into a Revenge of the Sith discussion but if you followed the spoilers for EP3 which are true this is why Anakin falls to the DS in EP3: Wouldn't you say that is very similer to that of Revan? Once they accomplish what they want they will put away the DS ways, but unfortunately they both got too deeply consumed in it. Anakin fell to the DS with good intentions JUST like Revan did. But like I said, it consumed them too much and that right there makes it even more Tragic. He wanted to do good but somehow it all back-fired on him. "Once you stare down
  12. You are so right. LA just assumed that TSL was going to sell because of the named it carried. LA was like "Ah hell, we don't have to advertise K2 on TV. KOTOR 2 will sell regardless cause of its name. Much like GTA: SA and Halo 2" What they failed to realized that no matter how big the GTA and Halo names were. Rockstar and Microsoft still advertised the hell out of those games on TV. I believe Shenmue 2 was the exact same. I remember they had Shenmue commercials for the DC but I really can't recall any commercials for Shenmue 2 on the Xbox. Just like KOTOR 2. Like just because of th
  13. I guess the subject of K3 doesn't interest anyone ha?
  14. All you have to do is highlight it. I mean it ISNT that hard. But you have a point. This should have been in the spoiler forum but the point is it isn't but its my fault. If you don't like it then don't reply. Take it or leave it.
  15. Thats why there is spoiler tags so you can do this ===>
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