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  1. "NOTES ON KOTOR III: Obsidian did pretty well taking over for BioWare in KOTOTRII: The Sith Lords, and it's got more up it's sleeve for the third installment. A source tells us that the game is going to reveal more about the HK series of droids, including where they are from and who makes them. Also planned is an exploration of the Outer Rim territories following in Revan's footsteps."
  2. Some people on other boards have said that they don't like KOTOR because it is inconsistent with Star Wars and the previous stories established in the Expanded Universe. One reason is that they say the name "Darth" was not used yet. Another reason is that Dantooine isn't discovered yet.
  3. The Tomb of Naga Sadow is on Korriban and it was also in the first KOTOR.
  4. Yeah I know, but he did say something about the refugee sector and how many people there are.
  5. What are other significant examples of high attribute scores affecting your dialogue options? I'm not asking for all of them, obviously, but what are some other ones besides: 1) High intelligence to repair T3's memory core and seeing the message from Carth or Bastila 2) High intelligence or wisdom in the conversation with Kreia about the destruction of Visa's planet. Any others worth mentioning?
  6. Atton says there are billions of people on Nar Shaddaa. Where are they?
  7. I think KOTOR III should be a game with at least 2 parts: The first part of the game the main character is the Exile. Your quest would be to look for Revan. One of the other characters would be Carth or Bastila depending on what gender you said Revan is. The second part of the game would take place after you found Revan, and your quest would be to seek out Revan was looking for. As for the other characters, maybe you could recruit or choose certain ones from both games. For example, if you want Zaalbar you would go to Kashyyykk(sp?). If you want Atton, he would be somewhere else. But once you decided on who you would recruit at the beginning, you couldn't change it later. That would add replayability to the game since you could take a different crew with you every game.
  8. I don't know. I had already danced for him, and when I went to visit him later I had the option of saying "I'm here to dance for you" or something like that. I didn't try it.
  9. I don't think it's really fair to put all the blame on Obsidian. Whose idea was it to rush the game out before Christmas? I really don't know, I'm asking. Was it Lucas Arts' idea? Microsoft's idea? Obsidian's? Anyway, the first game came out in July of 2003. This game came out in December 2004. What's that, 15 or 16 months between games? Would it have hurt to delay this game to spring 2005, or maybe even summer 2005? Many people who are complaining about bugs and glitches, probably would be complaining and saying things like, "What's taking them so long to release the game", or "I can't wait for KOTOR 2:TSL." If everyone had been patient, the game might have been released later and with less problems. I guess you can't please everyone. Release the game too late, people complain. Release the game too early, people complain. Also, some people seem to have selective memories regarding KOTOR and KOTOR:TSL. Complaining about the bugs or problems in KOTOR:TSL, but forgetting the problems in the first KOTOR. The first game had slowdown, low framerates, long loading times, the Carth glitch, and the problem some had with the galaxy droid. So many of the same problems found in KOTOR:TSL were also found in the first game. Yet, all hail Bioware and slam Obsidian. So can any of you be sure that this game wouldn't have any bugs or glitches if Bioware had developed it? Regarding the random generator, I think it's a good idea. I like the idea of not knowing what you'll get when you open boxes or footlockers, or visit the shops. Regarding the topic creator wanting to visit the star forge again. Why would you want to? What purpose would there be in that? Also not being able to go to some other places on Dantooine that you could in the first game. The only places missing are the Sandral home and the cavern where you found the star forge map.
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