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  1. NO I dont want them to make a game that is about the origionals I just want a sequel that mesh with the origonal. All they did was remake the old game with a few new charcters. Peragus=Endor Spire Narshada=Terus Telos=Keshyak Duxn/Onderon=Mannon They all folowed the same patterns They had the old game they should have just added the new worlds to it. The game play wold have been better had you been able to revisit more of the old worlds.
  2. Important. Important. That is important if your going to make a sequal you have to have a good back story as well this game fell short way short. what about bastiala and carth you see them but no mention about them the only little tid bit you get is if you play the DS and blow open the door at the sith academy on koroban and you get that little info from Bastilla on the holocron
  3. I talked with him I got the whole story from him. I knew who he was from the start when you first him. but even that desnt give what happend to the others the fact remains "What happened wheres mission where are the others". this game leaves a lot to be desired.
  4. ls ending, bao-dur's remote wins. ds ending, goto wins. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> but you never see that its only your asumption not fact all you see is the epon hawk come up LS and wisk you a way and planet goes the way of the big bang or DS you kill keria and go after reven. I deal in fact not theory my friend.
  5. Well even with the loss of world this game leaves a lot to be desidred. Like what happened to the charcters from the last game wheres Mission, wheres Zanzibar or Juhani or Jolee. All you hear is a little about reavon see carth if you chose light side awnser about reavan. The droids you get and Mandalore seems supciously like Candoriuos. But what the hell happened. Why is HK-47 in a **** pile. Whats the deal with T3 whats he got to hide and if mandalore is Candourous what happend that crippled him up like Kerie says. Plus take a good hard look at the outfits. Yah I agree its nice haveing a wider aray of robes but it may be just me but I like running around in the full sith armor. The armor in here consists of a chest peice and shoulder pads. Theres hardly and detail at all in fact get close and look in 1st person view and you'll see how ****ty it really is. Where did the cool **** go. Did BIOWARE lose the templates for the sith and mandalorian armors or maybe just maybe they wanted obsidion to tank. I'm mean really guys it was a how can you sit Idelly by and let obsidion piss all over the sequel to one of the best star wars games yet and call it good. You have to be on some power full drugs to swollow that horse ****.
  6. The only reson Obsidion got this was because BIOWARE had thier hands into Jade Empire Microsoft pushed them to put out KOTOR 2 so they had to contract out. Microsoft did have a hand in making this game less than it was but Obsidion could have done better they had the templates. I would have been happy had they improved the graphic qualitys and some game play. As for the planets they took out most of Dantoine there was so much more there they could have left play the old KOTOR again and you'll see what I mean about length. KOTOR 1 was so had so much more there and it was more intercet as well
  8. (w00t) How do you ask visus to get his mask I never saw that come up any time I played trough?
  9. Obsidian really droped the ball on this game. If they hadnt been stupid and rushed out this for cristmas they might have had a good game. the story left to many loop holes. The random genarator sucks. the lest they could have done is make it do diffenent ofr Light and DS. I got 2 of those stupid light side crystals while playing the DS and my buddy didnt get one playing LS and he has played it through 4 times now. And whats with the planets you actually get less with KOTOR 2 than you did with KOTOR. The least they could have done would have left the star forges in. YOu cnat even go to have the places you could on Dantoine. And what happened with Tatooine, Kayshyk and Mannaon? I just dont get why BIOWARE was thinking when they gave this one to Obsidion. But I guess they wont make that mistake twice. Also they leave waqy to many bugs in the system for instance on Telos if you talk to the cornal and the the Fuel bonus mission and talk the dark side point by asking for the finders fee. even after you talk to the Hut on Nar Shadda and get the deal from him no matter what you do or how many times you go back to telos you cnat get him to talk about it again. But enough of what I think what do you guys think. LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD
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