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  1. I would have to say MGS got me hooked.
  2. Ok since I found out I won't be avaliabe most of tommorow i'm going to post the questions here, feel free to pm your answers, I NEED THEM PLEASE!!! YOU WILL BE CITIED EVEN IF YOU REMAIN ANONYMOUS!!! Here is the question form. Enjoy. Oh and the due time has been changed to 4:00pm central or 5:00pm eastern. Answer all that you would like to, and feel free to write as much as you want. The more the better. Oh and one last thing if you think of any questions you would like to add and answer please do so, you will be given credit if I use it. For citing purposes what is you name, you can remain anonymous if you want. Do you play video games? If so how long have you been playing video games? If you answered yes to the above question then what kind of gamer do you consider you self? How much, or, what do you know about the video game development process? Have you studied art? If so what kind, what time period, how long did you study (years, semesters, or quarters), and where did you study. Do you consider your self an artist? If yes what kind of artist are you? What is your definition of art? What is your opinion on the subject of
  3. This topic is related to my other poll about "Are video games art." If you would like to do an interview over this topic please contact me either by posting here or via PM and I will PM you the questions. Sorry for the late notice but this must be done be for 2:00pm Central Tuesday June 27th. BTW you don't have to answer all the question if you don't want to.
  4. My favorite would have to be The Empire Strikes back.
  5. Its been a while since i've been here so this may have already come up but anyway. I'm doing paper for my english class over weather or not video games are art.
  6. On the top of your screen your name should be wear its says logged in as click on it and scroll down the bottom and in the middle of the screen it should say avatar options click on that.
  7. Yoda has to the most powerfull user of all time, partly because he's about 5 times older than everyone else.
  8. Where is Revan! Revan is the best KotOR badguy!
  9. Everyone i've talked to that has it likes it. I'd get it if i had the cash
  10. I havent played it but is looks cool.
  11. Original MoH for playstation pwns them all.
  12. Microsoft recently annoced at the GDC That they were making fable for the pc titled Fable: The Lost Chapters. So for all of you who said you would only buy it if it came out for PC heres your chance. Fable PC
  13. dude DELETE you other 3 topics they are the same as this one.
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