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  1. Ran a search and this doesn't appear to be posted, so here goes: In Star Wars Tales #24 (the last tales issue ever), there is a story titled "Unseen, Unheard" and it's about how Nihlius first met Visas. The whole thing is written by Chris Avellone. furthermore... Tales #23 featured "Shadows & Light", a story about "the great hunt" mentioned in KOTOR. But the main news is this.
  2. In KOTOR 3 the main character should be HK-47 who becomes the first droid force user ever and his mission should be to hunt down & terminate both Revan & The Exile. title: KOTOR 3 - Mechanized Mayhem.
  3. From the LucasArts general support page: "LucasArts is committed to providing our customers with the best Technical Support in the Entertainment Software Industry." "
  4. Dxun: Handmaiden, Bao-Dur, Mandalore Onderon: Exile, Kreia, Visas The Dxun crew has everything covered - both Handmaiden and Bao-Dur are Jedi by this point, Bao-Dur can handle most of the tech work and Mandalore has a high demolitions skill for those mines in the begining of the mission. As for Onderon, 3 Jedi vs Vaklu's crew + Sith - that's just not a fair fight. Nobody should have any problem wiping the floor with them.
  5. @aimo Just curious, but why don't your sketches include Visas ??? You must have had her in your party for a portion of the game. I understand that Obsidian is not Troika so the female character doesn't get a gay romance option with her, but to completely ignore her is just wrong.
  6. @off topic is it me, or was Kreia a pushover. my weapon master defeated her in 4 rounds (not including the lightsabers).
  7. Off topic: How do you know how much influence you have with a party member ??? Is there a scoreboard you can check ???
  8. Personally i would really love to know what happens to them especially Bao Dur & HK-47 (who i suspect will be misteriously reintroduced in the 3rd KOTOR game). Does any stat / skill allow you to get that info out of Kreia in the final discussion ??? p.s. Only played the light side game (in case there's any dark side factor that reveals this information).
  9. @ Eji I'm impressed. Thank you for sharing your art with us so freely, it must take a lot of courage. You're a true Jedi / Sith (whichever you prefer).
  10. Neutral all the way. It would be very cool if you could play a force sensitive character who is not really a Jedi or Sith, but more of a smuggler or a bounty hunter. But i guess it would really mess with the plot.
  11. I agree. Dark or light , dark or light.. Neutral please. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, who really cares about that force mumbo-jumbo ???
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