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  1. What's the best? I think I would have to choose a spork man...sporks are just...awesome. (w00t)
  2. If you don't like them, then why are you even on here? Retarted... <_<
  3. This is going to seem like a really stupid question, considering the amount of time Kotor 2 has already been out...but I haven't played the game since about 3 days after it came out, and I just started playing again...so...How do you change your party members into Jedi? Thanks in advance.
  4. I bought KotOR 2 when it first came out. I played it up to about the 30 hour mark, and then I just lost interest for the longest time. It's been about a year since I picked the game up, but I started playing it this weekend again. Anyhow, I finished the whole story all the way up to the end on Malachor V. I beat the floating lightsabers Kreia sends at you. I had a saved game right before I went in to fight her so I could see different endings...only, everytime I try to pick different options, the ending is still the same. Yet, even so, this is not what confuses me. What confuses me is all the open-endedness of the other characters. What happens with G0-T0 and the Remote, who are waiting for your command? What about Mandalore and Bao Dur and everyone else? Unless they all died when the Ebon Hawk fell into the canyon on Malachor's surface, then I'm confused. Why would G0-T0 and the Remote wait for my command, and then the game ends, and you never know what happens? I was really disappointed by the ending of this game...KotOR 1's was much better, especially on the dark side
  5. Alright. Last time, you all complained about not having the neutral option. Now, here's the new one.
  6. Alrighty. Here's how to get your party members on your side. Lightside players are easy. If your main character is a lightside character, all you have to do for your team member is agree with them and say nice things to them, save for Kreia, and with her, you need to pick neutral choice for her. For darkside characters, its a little more difficult. All you have to do though is say mean things to everyone (excluding your party members). Kill everyone you could help, and get every darkside point you can. Now, when you are talking to one of your party members, you have one of two choices. Usually, you need to agree with them and be nice. You will get lightside points for this, but you will not get hardly any. However, even though you do get some lightside points, your character's alignment will drop drastically. I did this with the Handmaiden twice, and she went from halfway up the lightside, to halfway down the dark. Sometimes, you will get the option in the conversation to say not as nice things, but still gain their influence. My advice is to save whenever you think a party member of yours can get some more influence. If you're not happy with the outcome, just reload. it's working perfectly for me and everyone on my party is either dark or neutral. Except for the dumb little T3-M4. Dumb robot.
  7. Okay...I'm a darkside character. My darkside meter is all the way down; I'm all the way dark. Well, I understand the whole influence thing, and I want my party members to fall to the darkside along with me. Well, when I speak to my members in conversations that give you influence at the end, I try to agree with them and be nice to them. Well when I do this, I get their influence, but I also get lightside points, which I don't want. But if I say rather rude things in the conversations, I get darkside points, but I lose their influence. I was just wondering how to get my members to the darkside without getting lightside points.
  8. You can't compare KotOR 2 and Halo 2...they are two completley different genres. I love them both; Halo 2 when I want some fast paced, online gaming, and KotOR 2 when I want to immerse myself in a great story and chop up those sorry A** sith with my lightsaber. I think both games deserve a 10/10.
  9. yeah thanks...i pretty far along on the darkside, so i guess thats why i got it...and and another question, if anyone knows....i try to get as many darkside points as i can, so in all conversations i pick the meanest things to say. but i want to get my party members on the darkside. well, sometimes when im talking to them and i say mean things, i lose their interest points. and when i say nice things, i get lightside points. i was just wondering how to get them on my side (darkside) without gaining lightside points or having them lose interest.
  10. *****MINOR SPOILERS****** I just had a question. I am currently on Telos, and I am trying to get my I&D for the Ebon Hawk. Well, I don't really know where to go, but I think I found the place. I went up to this service desk, and a droid was waiting at it. I asked to talk to somoene about my ship. The droid said the ship was stolen. I proceeded to ask him a few questions (like "What can be done?" and "Who stole it?"). Well, finally I get tired of listening to him, so I pick the option "I'll be going now." Well after I do this, I talk to Kreia. I ask her a few questions, (questions I've already asked.) Well, when I pick the "I'll be going now." option again, the screen goes black and goes to a cutscene with a Star Destroyer looking ship. The person from the box cover on the front in th eblack cloak and the white mask is there, and so is the girl with the cloak over her eyes. This was kind of abrupt, and I was just wondering if this was supposed to happen now, or if something is wrong.
  11. Has anyone lagged during battles? I know that sometimes, more often than not, I lag during battles.
  12. Hi. I just purchased KOTOR 2 yesterday, and I'm currently at the beginning of Peragus II. I'm on the mission where I have to go and record the voices of the Maintenance officer to open the airlock door to the space outside. Well, I've been exploring around the station for a while, and every now and then, when I enter either the Peragus Fuel level or the Administration level, the loading screen comes up, and it stops about 3/4 of the way through and just sits there. The first time this happend I sat waiting for about 3 or 4 minutes before I finally decided that the game had frozen. Since that first time, it's happened twice more. I was just wondering if anyone else experiences these problems or if anyone knows what is causing my game to do this. Any advice would be appreciated.
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