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  1. Bao, HK-47, Brianna - a brilliant technician, an I-am-able-to-fry-every-meatbag-in-120-km-radius ranger and an awesome fighter. What else could you ask for?
  2. I don't know if that's at all relevant to what we're talking about... care to back up your opinion with facts?
  3. Well, I do care where Zalbaar fits into this because: 1. He plays a major role in the first game - Kashyyyk is probably the only planet where you *have* to complete a side quest of one of your party members regardless of whether you want it or not. In fact I think that without Zalbaar as a party member you cannot complete Kashyyyk. 2. Kreia mentions that Revan went there alone and everything that's connected to Revan's fate is of interest to me (and I believe to all of the ones who are impatiently waiting for K3). 3. Strangely enough I consider Zalbaar to be one of the characters in the game that shows signs of development and has a temperament allowing change - example is when he defies Revan's order to attack Mission in the DS scenario - and that means that he posesses something that most of the Wookies don't - a will to go against the most ancient and sacred of all traditions (a life debt). 4. He is maybe the only character that remains a mystery to the player throughout the entire game because of the limited pool of dialogue options and of course Zalbaar's origin as well as his mentality. If you're a problem solver (like me) then he would definitely appeal to you. I think that's about enough reasons to be interested in Zalbaar. Thank you all for the wonderful speculation and the variety of opinions this thread managed to gather. If anyone has anything different than those, of course he/she is welcome to post it and it would be well appreciated. As for me, I personally believe that the developers left a hidden door for further use if need be.
  4. Yes, he did appear in the LS end scene in both my playthroughs. So the question remains - what happens when Revan is a Light Side male character (considered a cannon character by Lucas)?
  5. I'm posting this in the Obsidian forums although this probably has more to do with KotOR rather than KotOR II but since we learn of Revan's departure to Unknown space in KotOR II I think that's the place for this topic. Well, you all know that Kreia tells the Exile that Revan departed alone and did not take anyone with him to the Unknown regions. My question is - where does Zalbaar fit into this? Right when you recruit Zalbaar as a party member in KotOR he swears life debt to you and the words of Mission - I can't remember the exact words - are that he *will* follow you wherever you go until the end of your life (presumably Wookies live longer than humans). You've all seen the persistance of Hanharr when he tries to kill Mira - he either does it or he dies trying. Therefore I think that you *cannot* make a Wookie abandon a life debt regardless of what you do. This leads to the conclusion that Zalbaar *must* have gone with Revan unless... Revan is a Dark Side character. In this case you kill Zalbaar and the life debt is no more. You can therefore go to the Unknown regions alone. To sum up all of this - Revan is either a Dark Side character or Zalbaar is with him on his journey to the Unknown Regions. This may possibly be a KotOR III spoiler but I doubt it. Still you can see that this is a flaw that Obsidian? or Bioware? did not bother cleaning up. Thanks for reading.
  6. Well, thanks anyway, and I might as well bring this to the attention of Aurora and the rest of the Restoration team.
  7. Yes, that's what I'm talking about. You know when you ask either Bao-Dur or Handmaiden (because I chose both of them to split from the main party) they reply that they would speak of it another time? Well I tried at several points in the game to ask them the same thing but all I get is the same answer.
  8. Does anyone know how to get a sensible answer from party members who you pose the question about the battle on Dxun? During my playthroughs I tried twice to speak to my party members about Dxun and whatever happened after but the usual response is that they would speak of it another time. Ideas and comments would be appreciated.
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