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  1. It was shown to test audiences. I happened to see that version. The reaction was not favorable, which is why they changed the ending. I have no problem with that. I DO have a problem with them denying that it ever existed in the first place. But, don't take my word for it. If you really want to know, see if you can track down a Laserdisk version of Return of the Jedi - and maybe a Laserdisk player. This is something I have been doing myself. If I do manage to, I will share the video. I really have mixed feelings about the new and improved versions of episodes IV - VI, having seen them all in the theater when they came out. All in all they look much better graphically (especially the tie-fighter scene in A New Hope), but some things that were added and removed just irk me a bit. Also, I did not say "all beings" I said all force sensitive beings. Big difference there. I must also say that it would have been weird to see Hanharr as a Jedi. I think being able to make Mira, Disciple, Bao-Dur, Atton and Handmaiden was more than enough Jedi-making for the game. For KotOR III, I think continuing the Mandalorian plot would be very cool. Hard to pick planets for me. I have been playing both KotOR I and II again within the last month, trying to figure out what would make the most sense as far as that goes. I think tying in all the previous storylines - or perhaps elaborating on the ones that didn't go too far - would be great.
  2. Yeah, and now Lucas also denies that the Millenium Falcon blew up in one of the versions of Return (Revenge) of the Jedi, which is complete and utter BS. It is now officially an "urban myth" even though the version I saw in the theater in 1983 showed the Falcon blowing up at the end, AND it is also available as an alternate ending on the laser disk. Not to mention it is a bit of trivia from a SW comic book back then as well. All force sensitive beings are capable of being a jedi, period. I don't believe half of the stuff Lucas says anymore...sadly enough. I will, however, always stay true to the original Star Wars. Greedo did NOT shoot first O.o!!! ETA: I am attributing it to him perhaps going senile. The George Lucas I know and love bucks the system.
  3. You can use the whereami armband to open all doors, as well as the force fields on M4-78. It is towards the bottom of the page here: http://www.starwarsknights.com/tools.php
  4. The hoods are available at the creator's site here: http://www.ninivekha.net/Kha_Telos.html
  5. Actually, you can completely ignore Traya in the second round with her, and just destroy the three lightsabers. That is the final test. After that she stops attacking you and you can have the last conversation with her before you choose how to end her. The easiest way to do that is by running around in the outer circle (Knight Speed is good for this - but not necessary) and the lightsabers split up so you can just take on one at a time.
  6. If you have Atton with you on GO-TO's ship, the Twin Suns will say "your friend should have killed us the first time" - or something to that effect. In otherwords, he left them barely alive. T3 going to the warehouse to get a blank transponder card is a quest. You have a force bond with Kreia as master/apprentice, and not with anyone else - that is why. That is part of the quest - you run into HK-50s at the various planets because you are being hunted by them. It is a long quest. They left a lot of stuff in, which is fortunate, really. It has made the restoration project possible....or at least much easier. If you don't like doing all the long quests, use cheat codes to get the items you want - but it will probably mess up your game. Getting the HK parts won't, but the transpoder card probably would.
  7. Actually, if you installed the 1.0b patch it tends to cause more crashing. This I found out a long time ago. I completely uninstalled the game and then never patched it, and had much fewer problems. I could actually crank the graphics up after switching to nVidia (I have a 5500FX 256mb card, and I only run at 1.83 GHz - AMD). The patch caused file corruption, so I couldn't use any of my save files. Anyway, I would try the nVidia without the patch and see how you do. Also, enabling EAX caused me major problems, not just audio.
  8. Not that I have seen, and their phone support sends you to Lucas Arts, who can give you no information because their devs "keep us out of the loop on purpose because we talk too much" (quoting the support tech, whom I called today) I started asking about this again yesterday after 4 months of silence at the LA Forums, and got the same old answer - but at least I got an answer there this time - "I will forward the information" I think because so many people gave up they don't pay much attention anymore. What I don't think they realize, is that if they actually put out the patch(es) people would be happy again. In the meantime, I have vowed to only buy used Lucas anything...no more $ out of my pocket until this product is fixed. I let them know that if they won't do it themselves, they should at least toss the modders (TSLRP) some stuff to work with since they are making up for what LA and Obsidian left out and left bugged.
  9. I think the game works better without the patch. Since all my save games became corrupt files after installing it (I did manage to get a few hours in before file corruption prevented me from continuing), I uninstalled everything - save games and all - reinstalled the game, and did not d/l the patch. Runs fine now
  10. The only bug I have encountered with the Jekk Jekk Tarr is half the time when Mira walks in she is wearing a space suit, and half the time she isn't.
  11. Thanks, I got the influence mod a few days ago, and it just wasn't fun for me. After beating the game so many times though (I think I am on my 18th character), I did decide to play around with a lot of other mods. I was really just hoping there was a way to fix that besides the influence mod because half the fun for me is trying to gain max influence with all party members, and take them all ls or all ds. I have done it successfully a couple of times so far - with the exception of the Bao-Dur glitch.
  12. here are a couple pics I thought I would add to show the major difference. The first is leaving EH. Bao-Dur is maxed out DS, as you can tell. His ds/ls bar was at exactly the same place as mine. I leave the EH and the result is the second image.
  13. I know this has been brought up many times, and not to 'flog a dead horse' but it is really annoying, and the issue has yet to be resolved. The patch obviously did not fix it, and I have searched for fixes for it without any luck. I have maxed out my influence with him many times, and that when a new area loads (this is where the glitch seems to occur) the influence goes away. example: I am maxed out with darkside points, have my bonus and everything. I gain my last influence point with him and he is then at exactly the same level I am as far as DS points. I enter the Ebon Hawk, go into a building...any place that has to load...and he is only at 25% or so DS. What is the fun of gaining influence with him if it simply vanishes for no apparent reason? There must be a way to fix this issue, and if someone knows how, please share!
  14. This only happens if you choose "alright, we mean you no harm" as your answer when you get inside. If you choose something else and then agree to put down your weapons, it will not happen. Edit: granted, this sucks, but it is avoidable.
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