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  1. I loaded up my previous save. It was like 20 minutes behind what I have already explained. I played through all that again, and to my (not) surprise, still no Jek Jek Tar. And to the second guy... What would walking up the pylon do? I'll try it because I'm willing to try anything. And yet more news making me wan't to bomb the Obsidian offices.(not really, but still.) I started another fricken game. This time, the Jek Jek Tarr isn't there from the get go. Meaning I'm just plain screwed. Any game I start is apparently going to have this glitch. How will I ever get to see the endings,
  2. I have heard some other people had this problem. Te said they could walk right thru the closed door. I cannot. I hope someone from Obsidian reads this. I also hope you never make another game. This is 40 hours of my life in the drain. Am I supposed to just start another game??? And if I do, what if this happens again? Damn you.
  3. And before anyone asks: I am at the right place. Right by Pylon 3 and the Hutt's place. Im where the place should be. It's just a door though. Damn this game. Endless glitches, bugs, bad frame rate and more bugs. And my Xbox is brand spanking new so don't blame that either.
  4. Well. There are some SPOILERS IN THIS TOPIC, but they are necessary to explain my problem. Mira knocked me out with the gas. Took the space suit, went to Jek Jek Tar. Got hurt. Jedi Master talked to me, told me to go to Jek Jek Tar. Woke up, went. The damned place is gone. The door is there, but I can't even target it, much less open it. I went back to the Ebon Hawk, and it wont let me back on board. WHAT. THE. ****.???
  5. My thoughts: Less of a review and more of an attack. If Obsidian decided that the engine wasn't broke and they didn't need to fix it, why is that bad? Instead they opted to improve what was really bad about the 1st game. Menus, dark/light side depth, longer conversations, character influence, fighting styles, and more. To hell with IGN's attack review.
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