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  1. I really dig your theory. It would make a nice subplot. However, I want you to be wrong, just so that I don't know too much of the story prior to playing it. :ph34r: Sorry... Pry off anyway.
  2. Atris and Ni had a relationship,Ni was drawn to the DS by the Female Sith Lord. Atris wants your help not only for sake of the galaxy but very personal reasons as well. *Shrugs* Or not...it's late.
  3. Kreia - Jedi Consulalr Wasn't it mentioned that she's great in meele? Wouldn't that make her a Guardian? Or at least a Sen?
  4. Now there's a thought. That would be a good idea. It would add even more replay value, since you'd have more than one person to romance, and more than one way to end it. Not to mention it'd give you a little more choice in how your character's love life plays out at the end. Exactly my line of thinking on the issue. More ways to play=a good thing. Maybe it's a situation where each option has one of the endings. I.E. Handmaiden=Bitter Sweet,but together. Mira=Bitter sweet not together. Marr=Bitter sweet/screwed over without a please and thank you. Same for the female options. Would be another interesting way to play it out. ((No real order or reason behind why I gave each character the ending I did just using it as an example.))
  5. Even a romance that ends badly, like in Baldur's Gate 2, when you change Virconia's alignment, are quite satisfying as long as they go somewhere, I'm pretty inclined to believe that no matter which romantic option you choose, that it will end sort of bittersweet, at best. But the real question is what is the level of bitter sweet? You could have bitter sweet like Empire,where you know the two people care about each but they don't end up together for some reason. Could have bitter sweet because they end up together but because of things that happened it places a bit of downer on things. And you could have bitter sweet/screwed over without a please and thank you. Hmmm,*ponders*...lots of ways it could go. Personally I'd rather see all three be an option. Just more ways to play it out with each person.
  6. That is what it sounded like to me. Developers continue to call this a very 'dark' game, much like "The Empire Strikes Back" was the darkest of the three movie. It makes sense that the romances in this game would soak in the general tone and mood. True,was curious though exactly how much say the player will have in the "ending" of the romance though. Is it a situation where no matter who you choose as an option it all ends bitter sweet? Or do the choices the player make have big role in the "ending"? Could the player screw it up if they do or this or that? Or maybe despite the dark feel to the situation could it end not so "cliff hanger" ,as Empire did. No matter how it's worked it sounds like it should be fun,was just curious how much control the player has and how much is preset into the game.
  7. Thanks for the info. Though I'm curious,does this mean they're all very dark romances? With rather bitter sweet ends to them? Or is how they turn out ,one way or the other, more in the player's hands?
  8. No,this isn't a she's the 3rd Sith Lord topic. I'm tired,and this could just be me not thinking clearly but hey I'll throw this out there. We know that picking Revan to be dark or light plays a role in a number of different areas in the game. So what if Kreia has some connection to Revan and the choice of him/her being dark or light plays a role in her true motivations? The one screen does seem to hint that she's a part of the crew on the Hawk. Maybe she's working for/with Revan? Bah,I'm tired as I said. Flame,agree,argue,whatever.
  9. Well the Devs did say he was the only one allowed to use a pink lightsaber... "
  10. In other words, your PC is evil fighting Bastila and a "good" Malak...? Does look that way. Everything except the "good malak" I get....
  11. Malak cast Force Confuse? Wasn't that power suppose to make people turn on their own?
  12. Perhaps in that screen the following all apply. It's set up with Revan going Light,Bas alive and Light. The PC is DS and that is why the Jedi and such are fighting the PC,to stop the DSer. And as for the other guy....I've got nothing other then what I said earlier and that's a clone.
  13. You being in control of only the PC doesn't mean that AI doesn't have control of a certain female character.
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