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  1. Do you really needs cheats for this easy game?
  2. Well, maybe the reason is enlish is not my first, but my 4-th languahe indeed; But it doesn't really matter - the point in my last sentence is about your last sentence - you told you are playng the game in way to gain or not to gain influence; and I told the galaxy your Exile have to save is in very big **** if it's saving depends of your gaining/not gaining influence with few insignificant ppl. Because it doesn't matter for the gameplay if you gained or not gained influence with them. The game is the same, the story is the same, the endings are the same. That's why gaining influence has to
  3. Well, I don't think any game is worth replaying just to watch "T3's holo-recording of Carth"... The game can be replayed if you really can have different choices and play different games. I don't think a different choices are "I will kill you without any need" and "I will save you and will give you my hard earned money" I hope there are ppl wich like a real PRG games - like Fallout and Baldur's Games... Did someone tryed to play Fallout 2 with a character with 1 inteligence (the min value)? This was really new game and was real fun... as well as playng as female character. And I feel
  4. Obviously it was intended a a replay bonus material, but it failed. Actually the only influence gains is when you get a stats upgrades. Of course, many ppl will tell how you can make jedi from a group members... Who cares? They really don't matter, because you never had to use their jedi skills. Unfortunatelly exactly the stats increase influence is bugged - you get most importan stat increase from HK-47. And he tolds you at least 3 times he likes very much your action, but no influence increase follows...
  5. Strangely... I read the chatges are destroing the holocron, but I blowed the door even before I read the note with the charges from Akkere and the holocron was working. My exile was a LS.
  6. Mandalorean don't want to fight Siths. Mandalore do tell they have no chances if the Sith win, but they do prefer to help the Sith to take Onderon and to crush Republic there.
  7. I think many ppl on this topc didn't even bother to read what the Mandalore says in the cutscene. They do not want to help the Exile, they do not to fight the Sith or help the Telos and such... They want just one simple thing - to destroy the ship (not the Sith Lord) which participated in M5 battle. Why? Even they want a revenge - no one revenges on the ship, because not a ship, but his crew and his captain were among the many other wich won the battle. If a killer shots a victim, no one sentences to death the gun, but the killer itself...
  8. also mandalorians seeks honor in battle, expecially against strong enemies, so this battle is a good place to gain such honor and respect. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually a ship is not "a strong enemy". Everyone can blowup a ship, if there are no defenders left. They didn't want to fight the Sith (Exile kills the Sith Lord) - they wanted to blowup the ship from the battle at M5 and specially checked his ID numbers to be sure it is the same ship.
  9. Actually they prefer to help THE SITH against the Republic (hint - Onderon). About Ravager - no, they didn't not went there to kill Nihilius, they went here specially to destroy Ravager, because it was at M5 (as seen in the cutscene from the very begining of the battle). And they didn't not try to kill Nihilius - Nihilius was invincible before Visa cutting his bonds with the force. Either - you cannot blow the ship before the Exile kills Nihilius.
  10. No, they don't! In the very beginning of the Ravager battle they tell they checked the ship ID and this is indeed the same ship from Malackor V. About the Nihilius - don't talk noncense. The Exile killed him.
  11. Did a little thinking about Ravager and the Mandalorean... Why the hell they risked their life just to destroy the ship? Of course, I know the ship was in the battle of Malakor V, where the Mandalorean were defeated, but what the poor ship has in common with their defeat? It was Revan and Malak, which defeated them, and not the ship itself (even if this was the Revan's ship). And besides, I doubt a single ship was capable to defeat them... So what? Being not able to get even with Revan, they started to hunt and destroy the ships, whic participated in the battle? Or what? Looks like another big
  12. Just another unfinished story line... like many more... like the HK-47 unable to unlock the nevicomputer because it/he doen't know with wich voice it was locked. Like there are 800,000 ppl on the ship, but not just couple of them... and like no one knows the great secret there was only Kreia on the ship when the navicomputer was voice-locked...
  13. Well, it takes some time to ship fuel from Sleytheron to Telos. It hasn't arrived yet when the Sith attack. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Looks like they transport the fuel with bottles.
  14. Even after all that in the battle for Telos all are proceeding to tell you "Without fuel Telos have no chance" And soemthing more - after you get enough influence with GOTO, it/he explains you he highjacked Hutta freighters, because if Hutta started to supply fuel to Telos, the Republic will break down in a month becasue of the price it has to pay for the fuel... I am starting to think KOTOR 2 has all the chance to win the "Stupidiest story" reward for the millenium... sigh...
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