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  1. yah absolutely...I prefer lightside for either game but an occasional darkside game is pretty fun too Especially since my fave character Mandalore/Canderous gives compliments for that. Also the HK 47 comments are hilarious! -jim
  2. Great job man...I have it on my desktop :D thanks -jim
  3. When u side with Vaklu u side with the DS and will have to kill Kavar at the end of the planet. I made this mistake once, I had LS mastery but then killed all the captains on Onderon...oh well..next time I 'll be more careful. -jim
  4. Both her and T3M4 came looking for the exile. She says this in a dialogue. So T3M4 prolly picked her up or so... -jim
  5. yah I like vrook. I think he was a powerful jedi tbh...to bad we never got to see him in real action except for a few brief moments. I wonder what happened to Vandar. I hope Vandar will make a return in KOTOR 3. Maybe he'll even fight like Yoda :D -jim
  6. Peragus, Telos and Dantooine I think. I gave the Miner's uniform to Bao Dur so that he cud use all his forcepowers. The miner's uniform may look ugly as hell but it sure is useful. -jim
  7. CGF? Are u from the New Republic clan? -jim
  8. GO TO: Ah HK 47 I see you are reassembled (or something) HK 47: What do you want Fat One hehe made me smile :D -jim
  9. Ahh it is ok...I 'll just call you young padawan from now on Anyhow g'luck finishing Dantooine -jim
  10. yah I did, I always play Hard...consular, hard level difficulty. -jim
  11. Wookie rage, stims and a powerful shield and the ubese will be no match :D -jim
  12. Ahh hmm .. yah that is one helluva chick u have there man... pfiew :D -jim
  13. I didnt have enuff cash for adv medpacs and nades. Well when I fought Kavar I wasnt a prestige class yet and I was a consular. The weakest of all classes. Only high wisdom and little else. Anyhow how did u take out Bendak on lvl 3 ?? -jim
  14. a) have u asked the administrator of Khoonda for permission to enter the enclave? b) Have u had the dialogue option where Zherron tells u about the kinrath pest? c) If u dont say go ahead to the Mercs something else will happen. I wont tell you what. -jim
  15. Twi'lek twins are easier to take out with a good blade rather than a lightsaber due to the shielding they wear. So I used my elite double blade to kick their asses. Other than that I had troubles killing Kavar on Darkside. Even when Onderon is your last planet I am convinced that he is on the superbadasses in KOTOR2. In KOTOR 1 I had trouble with Bendak Starkiller but I tried taking him out with level 4 heh. I shudda waited for level 8 or 9 at least. -jim
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