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  1. yah absolutely...I prefer lightside for either game but an occasional darkside game is pretty fun too Especially since my fave character Mandalore/Canderous gives compliments for that. Also the HK 47 comments are hilarious! -jim
  2. Great job man...I have it on my desktop :D thanks -jim
  3. When u side with Vaklu u side with the DS and will have to kill Kavar at the end of the planet. I made this mistake once, I had LS mastery but then killed all the captains on Onderon...oh well..next time I 'll be more careful. -jim
  4. Both her and T3M4 came looking for the exile. She says this in a dialogue. So T3M4 prolly picked her up or so... -jim
  5. yah I like vrook. I think he was a powerful jedi tbh...to bad we never got to see him in real action except for a few brief moments. I wonder what happened to Vandar. I hope Vandar will make a return in KOTOR 3. Maybe he'll even fight like Yoda :D -jim
  6. Peragus, Telos and Dantooine I think. I gave the Miner's uniform to Bao Dur so that he cud use all his forcepowers. The miner's uniform may look ugly as hell but it sure is useful. -jim
  7. CGF? Are u from the New Republic clan? -jim
  8. GO TO: Ah HK 47 I see you are reassembled (or something) HK 47: What do you want Fat One hehe made me smile :D -jim
  9. Ahh it is ok...I 'll just call you young padawan from now on Anyhow g'luck finishing Dantooine -jim
  10. yah I did, I always play Hard...consular, hard level difficulty. -jim
  11. Wookie rage, stims and a powerful shield and the ubese will be no match :D -jim
  12. Ahh hmm .. yah that is one helluva chick u have there man... pfiew :D -jim
  13. I didnt have enuff cash for adv medpacs and nades. Well when I fought Kavar I wasnt a prestige class yet and I was a consular. The weakest of all classes. Only high wisdom and little else. Anyhow how did u take out Bendak on lvl 3 ?? -jim
  14. a) have u asked the administrator of Khoonda for permission to enter the enclave? b) Have u had the dialogue option where Zherron tells u about the kinrath pest? c) If u dont say go ahead to the Mercs something else will happen. I wont tell you what. -jim
  15. Twi'lek twins are easier to take out with a good blade rather than a lightsaber due to the shielding they wear. So I used my elite double blade to kick their asses. Other than that I had troubles killing Kavar on Darkside. Even when Onderon is your last planet I am convinced that he is on the superbadasses in KOTOR2. In KOTOR 1 I had trouble with Bendak Starkiller but I tried taking him out with level 4 heh. I shudda waited for level 8 or 9 at least. -jim
  16. They are both good in their own right. Buy it id say -jim
  17. Does anybody have a tip on how to get the friggan talk about his problems with the jedi? I have done anything I can think of...even used the savegame editor and set max influence and still he wudnt open up to me. Plz help -jim
  18. KOTOR 1 the droids almost never left the Ebon Hawk. T3-M4 in particular never left the ship becos there was no character development with it. At least HK-47 had that which is one of the reason why I took him to Tatooine. In KOTOR 2 however I occasionally do take GOTO and HK 47 with me. Give HK47 his blaster and decent equip him and he is a good character to have. GOTO is imo only useful on Dxun Freedon Nadd tomb, because he is one of the who can take out the turrets and the droids outside are kinda useful too when u take them out with the droidscrambler. Anyhow HK47 is pretty elite but only with the right equipment. -jim
  19. Kotor savegame editor available; http://dlx.gamespot.com/pc/starwarsknights...fo_6091651.html I finished the game also before i found this editor. -jim
  20. I think he is the best character in the party..his comments are always awesome. I like the way he finally talks about his past as an asssination droid. his character development is a good continuation from KOTOR1. Too bad that he comes in the party so late but hey what else are savegame editors for ? -jim
  21. Malak bombarded planets for strategic purposes. He bombarded it so that noone could use the planet's resources. -jim
  22. Kreia was more evil than malak i found. She had an overview bigger than Malak ever had. She cud pull strings like a puppet player where as Malak used raw power only to achieve his goal. -jim
  23. nah revan killed him becos revan believed he could cause political destabilisation of where ever the echani are from. Revan did so with many leaders of whom he thought could destabilise the regions they ruled in. The Disciple will tell that and GOTO will hint it. -jim
  24. I told the refugee to kill himself, that felt so good.
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