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  1. Pillars of Eternity Things I really liked: • The writing. It's nice to see a game that doesn't assume players are afraid of reading. I really loved the descriptions that came with dialogues - it's the kind of thing other games try to show through very expensive graphics and motion capture, but they never nail it. • It's not D&D. No tacos, woot! I like table-top RPGs, but I have never enjoyed D&D (Nobilis ftw). It's nice to see a fantasy RPG using the Infinite Engine not afraid of leaving the D&D roots behind. • Combat speed. In other IE games, combat always fe
  2. We don't have many ways to change the damage of spells, wounds, powers, and so on. With attribute selection being at character creation only, and then only Might items changing the relevant stat, it feels like the abilities will do the same amount of damage from beggining to the end of the game. This could make many abilities useless later on. Do weapons change the damage of any kind of special ability? So a more powerful weapon would make spells, powers, and etc to do more damage?
  3. I see, thanks. So I'lluse a blunderbuss as a ranged weapon... ...But I was looking for a set of melee weapons to have as a melee option, too. Any suggestions about which melee weapons would be good? Dual wielding two fast, weak weapons? Dual wielding two average speed weapons? Wielding a strong but slow two handed weapon?
  4. My character has relatively low Might (12), and I have been trying to figure out which weapon to use. It's a cipher with Draining Whip, so my original impression was to go with fast weapons (so I hit more often, and thus get the Draining Whip bonus more often), and aim for accurate weapons (so I would hit and build Focus, instead of missing and being useless). So, dual wielding rapiers, which are fast and accurate weapons... But it didn't really work. Their attacks do next to no damage. Does the damage of Focus powers depend on the strength of the weapon I'm using? If so, using weak an
  5. Hello, I would like some help in choosing a class for my main character in Path of Exile. I usually enjoy playing as spell casters, using spells for AoE damage and support. The thing is, I really don't like the spell system in D&D, in which we pick a few times to use a spell per rest and that's it. This lack of flexibility is the main reason why I couldn't bring myself to play Baldur's Gate 2, despite how Planescape: Torment is one of my favourite games (since it has relatively few fights, so the magic system didn't bother me THAT much). From what I have heard, the wizard magic
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