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  1. The patch is slated to be released on the same day as the raising of the Titanic.
  2. In the star wars I am running I encourage prestige classes. So far 2 out of 3 have stated they are setting up their characters to prestige.
  3. Sorry in a rush so I did not get to read all of the posts. So apologies if they was already posted. With the link provided to the survey from this topic I was able to complete the survey. Might be prudent to fill out the survey.
  4. Your computer manual should also tell you what kind of RAM you need. Some motherboards are very picky at the type of RAM they use.
  5. "LA is beyond repair at this point. " I can't disagree with out especially after playing Episode 3 for xbox. Its not a bad game and I am getting some enjoyment out of it, however its not a great game. I dont think it was developed to be a great game. Well not what I would call great anyways. My new rule if from LA it gets rented before purchase (if xbox game).
  6. Well there has been some shake ups at LA so hopefully it will improve its operations.
  7. OBS is not the only partner who deserves blame in this. Lucasarts has a history of rushing games to production. I dont think I would ever buy another Jedi Knight game after playing Jedi Academy. It was too much like Outcast.
  8. I was on the lucasarts support forums yesterday. The patch is in the Q&A testing (or something close to that) if that makes any sense to anyone.
  9. For people that are having trouble installing KOTOR#2 I have a solution that might help with installing. I found out a couple of months ago that my computer did not like installing games with the new anti-copy encryption stuff on the cds. My computer would lock up everytime I tried to install the game(I think it was bloodlines). The problem was the accerlation settings in my motherboard's bios. I had to shut off both the settings to install the game. Once I did I did not have anymore trouble installing games including KOTOR#2.
  10. I need some help actually downloading the saves to the xbox. Its on the memory card but I can't figure how to load the save to the xbox hard drive. Any suggestions?
  11. I agree. I ensure I have a decent wisdom for force points especially in the early parts of the game. After wis its strength. THe last game I played as a DS Marauder had a str of 46 after all the buffs(eq and force powers).
  12. The only advantage I can see to having pc kotor2 is the possible modding. Since the source engine is the same it should not take as long for the mods to start hitting the internet. Personally this time though I am going to wait and see the different mods before purchasing PC version. If only LA had the foresight to offer an toolset for both KOTOR 1&2. Half-life was selling for a decent price for years. Why? because valve released the source code and that spun more mods than you can shake a stick at. Heck some even got published(Counter-Strike). I could be mistaken though.
  13. Quaff some Potions of Mana I'd say " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I had the same problem. During my level up in the area I took master drain force. Not sure why but I did not gain any dark side points for taking dark side powers while in the korriban area. Perhaps its do to already taking prestige class(lightside) master drain force allows you to replish force points
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