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  1. We're done with that btw... just has to go through the bureaucracy/QA and all that fun stuff... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Cheers mate. Thanks for the clarification - thanks to all that replied too . Looking forward to this new patch.
  2. Sorry to post another question about patches but I did a search and only found threads where you had people condeming OE about how long they take to make a patch or people defending them. I remember one of the developers mentioning there was going to be a follow-up patch to 1.0b that came out recently that would fix the quality of the sound files for KOTOR 2. I was just wondering if this patch has been INCORPORATED into the 1.0b patch already or if it's going to be part of another patch (e.g. 1.0c) - just wondering since I don't intend to play KOTOR 2 until this patch is released... Thank you kindly, Mark G
  3. True, I guess they would determine what happened to Malachor V based on alignment (and perhaps some accompanying questions if neccessary).
  4. lol, I agree with the last poster. I reckon the Mandalorians sound like the ADF (Australian Defence Force) - but that's just based on the accent .
  5. Yeah I just noticed there were a lot of KOTOR 3 threads posted since yesterday (didn't notice them before) - probably should've posted this poll later lol
  6. *Sigh* - fine lock this thread if you will. I just thought it was an interesting question .
  7. Hey all, was just curious as to what you think will happen to Malachor V in KOTOR 3, considering the endings you can either destroy it or leave it alone... Thoughts?
  8. Almost forgot about that, but yeah Indiana Jones IV.
  9. Awww the themes I like aren't up there - i.e. the Republic themes! The Old Republic theme from KOTOR 1 and the Republic March they play at the end of ANH. Speaking of which, what's the best way of extracting music from KOTOR 1 and 2?
  10. ... Yes. Exactly. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> sweet <{POST_SNAPBACK}> lol
  11. Yeah Kreia doesn't trust anyone, you should know that by now :D.
  12. Heheheh precisely guys. Oh by the way, I notice a lot more moderator activity as of late. Good work you guys :D! *Rambutaan gets pumelled to a pulp from a passing mob for what seems like an obvious suck up*
  13. Here! Here! global, it's not completely Obsidian's fault. They have deadlines to meet and jobs to keep, so they can keep food in their tummies, not to mention their families. True, maybe they could've planned ahead better and perhaps focused on a better ending, but even then they would've still been under the thumb from Lucasarts every step of the way. They had to make sure that KOTOR 2 fitted Lucasarts's vision of what it's meant to be like since if they didn't, the project could've been canned altogether, and then what would've happened to the future of the KOTOR series? We would've had to wait longer for a sequel or perhaps not even *see* a sequel ever again. Look no flames or character attacks okay? Just stick to the facts if you want a proper argument please... And by the way, I agree with most of what was written in that article, but as another poster mentioned, you could clearly see that the article was pointing the blame at Lucasarts's marketing department rather than Obsidian's development team. OE did the best they could with the resources provided. So please don't try to change the story .
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