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  1. This is a Install Shield problem. This and this both advocate the same solution, so try that.
  2. After extensive googling I found the problem. It's the result of a mod. It can be fixed by deleting 262TEL.mod from the Modules folder.
  3. Unfortunately, this trick did not work with my particular problem. There seems to be no warp for when you leave you Telos.
  4. This was happening to me today. While I don't expect old games like this to work out of the box on Win7, I remember it being buggy as hell on XP and other supposedly compatible platforms. Yet another case where we hand over our hard earned cash for products that should still be in beta. Anyway, the only way I could get to work to bypass this was to simply warp to the outside of the rebuilt jedi enclave. The problem is with the "Khoonda Plains" level, which will crash the game no matter where you enter it from. The instructions on how to warp can be found here. The location you want to warp to is "605DAN - Enclave Courtyard". This bypasses the Khoonda Plains level entirely, and doesn't screw up your game at all (I just completed it without any more showstopper issues) since there are no storyline triggers on the broken level. Hope this works for you...provided the game hasn't pissed you off too much to continue that is. Thanks, that should help me with a few problems I'm having as well.
  5. It sounds like your disk is damaged, but if this is on the 360 then who knows. Tried cleaning it?
  6. I have this problem on some areas too. You can fix it by saving the game and loading up that save game. Watch out, though, there might be other bugs lurking around somewhere.
  7. I seem to have encountered a previously unseen breed of the Telos bug, in which the PC is imprisoned on the Telos academy. My situation is similar to this, with some differences: When I enter the academy, no matter what dialogue options I choose, the "Give us your weapons" conversation ends with a black screen. Saving the game and loading that save game fixes the black screen problem. It spawns me near Atris' chamber, with Atris standing outside. I have to go up to Atris and talk to her to trigger the pre-set conversation. Everything proceeds as normal, Handmaidens escort me away, etc. At this point none of the Handmaidens except Brianna talk to me. No other NPC's will engage in conversation with me except T3 and Brianna. The pre-set conversations with Kreia, Atton and Bao-Dur do not trigger. The one with T3 does trigger, but it is as if starting a conversation with him on the Ebon Hawk. All of them are in their cages and don't move from there. Worst of all, the Ebon Hawk is unable to be entered. Nothing happens when I run into the ramp. I am certain this is not a previously-encountered bug, so it warrants its own thread. How can I fix it, or at least force the game to trigger the proper ways? Is there a command that will just teleport me straight into the Ebon Hawk?
  8. I'm surprised anyone even remembers me Addendum: any way to make the quick save option save in different slots?
  9. What are some good mods that add more value to the game? Also, I really want to remove the default action in combat. It activates itself constantly, and disrupts the flow of combat completely with having to cancel it every 3 seconds. Intensely annoying. Is there a gameplay tweak or mod to get rid of it?
  10. I'm confused. How is it that people called Native Americans are also called Indians? And why in the hell are they entitled to all this free stuff? I don't see the relevance of someone being part-native-nationality and part-something-else. It's stupid, and people only use it to inflate their own sense of self-importance, IMO. Surely place of birth, culture and nationality are the only things that matter?
  11. No idea who this guy is, but that storyline sounds fantastic.
  12. So what? He should have helped anyway. It's not like muslims and jews universally hate eachother. Humanity comes first, with most people.
  13. What the hell does that mean?
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