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  1. Used Proboards before hugh?
  2. Instant Migraine? I haven't had any complaint's about the color's, that is what discussion is for, allright, well, I will talk to the Staff to see about something new. Yoda212
  3. Allright, without giving out too much information, are there any consequences in helping the handmaiden to be a Jedi. I hear Kreia say Betrayal and link this to Atris etc... ?
  4. That is all and well, I just want someone to list the Lightsaber List I mentioned. Where and When Etc.... ? Thank You for your feedback though. Yoda212
  5. Anyone ever role-play around here? I know I know, Obsidian, I am trying to steal your member's... Bwhahahahah! Goodness, I don't know what had gotten in to me. Anyway, If so just come look at our wonderful site, it has been created by my staff and I. Really though, just for sake of a Topic, anyone Role-Play? http://starwarsrp212.proboards40.com Yoda212
  6. I just ask that someone PM me with how many lighsaber's you acquire and where. I am unsure if this may be a possible spoiler, so Thank You.. !
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