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  1. So whats the deal here? Why is it so goddamn hard to get current info out of Lucas or Obsidian? olaf
  2. I guess better late than never... Seriously though, what the hell is going on that it took so long to get a simple update like that? Also, what is the status on another bug fix patch? Is one even being worked on? olaf
  3. I dont buy that LA is telling Obsidian nothing. They are working together to release another KOTOR for god's sake. olaf
  4. I dont see why the patch is taking so long and why no one will say anything about it in any kind of official capacity. This kind of stuff is what gives this industry a lot of its anti-consumer reputation. olaf
  5. Ok so 2 months since the last patch. Is there for sure going to be another one released? It seems like they have a lot to clean up/fix still. olaf
  6. When is the next patch for the PC version due? TIA olaf
  7. The manual is pathetic. No real class information of any kind. The guide doesnt have this information either. I was told almost two weeks ago by someone at Obsidian that they were working on getting that information available 'soon' but havent heard or seen anything since. olaf
  8. Im not trying to be rude, but if I were them I would be disappointed that you kept asking. If they have time, then they will do it. If not, then we should wait until they can. They have other projects and things to work on. As tempting as it might be to keep bugging them for the info, they will get to it when they have time. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Its not like I am asking them to fedex me a printed copy. I just want it posted. It should have been done way back when they realized the manual was ass. olaf
  9. Do you have a link? I went there and saw a listing of Attributes, Feats, Force Powers and Skills, but nothing that listed the feat and force power progression for each class. TIA olaf
  10. If your Watchman has Repair as a class skill, then prestige classes do get new class skills, unless you spent a feat on repair. I am still waiting for Obsidian to publish this information, along with ALL relevant class data, here. Its very disappointing it has taken them more than a day or so to get that information compiled and posted. olaf
  11. The performance is disappointing. It is single digit frame rates in many places just wandering around and often during hectic combats frames are dropped and the engine chokes to catch its breath. olaf
  12. I posted that information in the second post of this thread. olaf
  13. The point is, we dont have the information available and it ought to be. It should have been in the manual. But ok, it wasnt. How about the strat guide? Not there either. What about online? Nope, no dice. I dont care whose fault it was, I just want it. And it seems like not much to ask, something that should be able to be put together in a matter of minutes and posted somewhere. olaf
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