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  1. So.. I know a guy who works at EB. With his help, I was able to actually return a PC game. The game was massive assault: domination. They allowed me to return it because the game's copy protection, Star Force, totally wrecked my computer. Well... with the money I got back, like a #$(*! moron.. I bought Kotor II. It doesn't work. After I make a new character and press the button to go on, a loading screen comes up that never finishes. I came to the forums to find out if there was a fix, or what is up with a patch. Half you guys are sitting around talking about how there's never going to be a patch. The rest are argueing about who's fault it is the game is so buggy, unpatched, yada yada. Y'know what. ($&!(&$ PC games. I'm tired of this, so many games have been released recently that don't even come close to working. Sooner or later other people are going to do what I'm gonna do. I'm done buying pc games. I'm sick of being conned. When you buy something, it's supposed to work. Y'know what else. I don't have to be ripped off by you. In fact.. I can rip you off. That's right, the technology exists. Consider yourself cut off.
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