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  1. The patch is slated to be released on the same day as the raising of the Titanic.
  2. In the star wars I am running I encourage prestige classes. So far 2 out of 3 have stated they are setting up their characters to prestige.
  3. Sorry in a rush so I did not get to read all of the posts. So apologies if they was already posted. With the link provided to the survey from this topic I was able to complete the survey. Might be prudent to fill out the survey.
  4. Your computer manual should also tell you what kind of RAM you need. Some motherboards are very picky at the type of RAM they use.
  5. "LA is beyond repair at this point. " I can't disagree with out especially after playing Episode 3 for xbox. Its not a bad game and I am getting some enjoyment out of it, however its not a great game. I dont think it was developed to be a great game. Well not what I would call great anyways. My new rule if from LA it gets rented before purchase (if xbox game).
  6. Well there has been some shake ups at LA so hopefully it will improve its operations.
  7. OBS is not the only partner who deserves blame in this. Lucasarts has a history of rushing games to production. I dont think I would ever buy another Jedi Knight game after playing Jedi Academy. It was too much like Outcast.
  8. I was on the lucasarts support forums yesterday. The patch is in the Q&A testing (or something close to that) if that makes any sense to anyone.
  9. For people that are having trouble installing KOTOR#2 I have a solution that might help with installing. I found out a couple of months ago that my computer did not like installing games with the new anti-copy encryption stuff on the cds. My computer would lock up everytime I tried to install the game(I think it was bloodlines). The problem was the accerlation settings in my motherboard's bios. I had to shut off both the settings to install the game. Once I did I did not have anymore trouble installing games including KOTOR#2.
  10. I need some help actually downloading the saves to the xbox. Its on the memory card but I can't figure how to load the save to the xbox hard drive. Any suggestions?
  11. I agree. I ensure I have a decent wisdom for force points especially in the early parts of the game. After wis its strength. THe last game I played as a DS Marauder had a str of 46 after all the buffs(eq and force powers).
  12. The only advantage I can see to having pc kotor2 is the possible modding. Since the source engine is the same it should not take as long for the mods to start hitting the internet. Personally this time though I am going to wait and see the different mods before purchasing PC version. If only LA had the foresight to offer an toolset for both KOTOR 1&2. Half-life was selling for a decent price for years. Why? because valve released the source code and that spun more mods than you can shake a stick at. Heck some even got published(Counter-Strike). I could be mistaken though.
  13. Quaff some Potions of Mana I'd say " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I had the same problem. During my level up in the area I took master drain force. Not sure why but I did not gain any dark side points for taking dark side powers while in the korriban area. Perhaps its do to already taking prestige class(lightside) master drain force allows you to replish force points
  14. "My fav so far was Sentinel/Sith Lord...just because the skill points are important this time around." Not really because you can use the crew to create powerful items on public workbenches. I loved weapon master though will have fun trying out watchman. Sithord was fun also:) Will try assassin and maraurder
  15. Is your xbox modded? Is it older? Does the laser lens need cleaning?
  16. Actually on the lightside ending I was pleased. It was not as bad as reported. The darkside ending was ok but too much like the lightside ending for my taste. Both endings leave the game open for a sequel and could have either Revan or Exile or both:). The irritating part for me was some of the broken quests.
  17. First of all thanks to invertmylateralus from gamefaq.com. The following works well for darkside characters. This post is to help people understand the best usage for the "Infinite Hssiss Spawn" on Korriban. Requirements: -Force Storm -Death Feild -A Prestige Class Suggestions: -Lots of Will boosting Eq. -The Damage+, FP Regen, Force Stance Procedure: 1) Location- Head to Korriban, then into the Shryak Caves. Then head into the Sith Temple located at the back of the caves. After the second "vision" you receive involving the mined bridge, head east until you reach a north/south path split. Take the South Path. At the end of the path will be a small room with four central pillars and a jedi corpse in the center. 2) Preparation- Equipt all your Force/Will increasing EQ. now. Save your game. Walk up to the corpse and examine it. @ Hssiss Dragons will spawn. Use Force Storm and determine how many times you have to cast it to kill the Hssiss. If it takes 5-6 castings you are ready. If not start out at a lower number. 3) Teh Ub3r Farming m3thod- Quickly (VERY QUICKLY) tap "A" to examine the corpse Twenty (20) times. If you do it quick enough you will spawn 40 Hssiss before they even have a chance to attack. Next tap "R" repeatedly until you detect one through their cloaking field and the game enters battle mode. Now, spam Force Lighting (X) like theres no tomorrow and kill every single Hssiss. If you get low on health, pause (White), clear the action que (Y), and spam Death field (X) instead until your health has recovered. (Death feild absorbs like 10 hp per enemy multiplied by 40 hssiss = Easy full health) 4) The Rewards- Once you have the timing down you should be killing 40, 400xp Hssiss, every 60 seconds (40 x 400 x 60 = 960,000 Exp per hour baby! Vroooom!), and it only gets faster as you level up! <NOTES> -Dark side characters will obviously have a much easier time since Force storm only costs 5 FP for them, Light siders may have to take breaks to allow their FP to regenerate. -If you are running a Thompson or lower SAVE AFTER EACH LEVEL UP. Apparently some older models cant handle calculating the saving throws of 40 Hssiss at the same time, resulting in freezieness accompanied by that infuriating buzzing noise. -You really wont need to do this for an hour seeing as how I got my Level 17 Sith Marauder to Level 40 in 35 minutes. -Once you are done dont forget to refine your personal power crystal. At level 40 it "Radiated Blinding light" and provides teh Ub3r stat increases. ---
  18. Ok NWN was developed with modding in mind. That is why you got all the tools etc. Lucasarts for whatever reason did not want Bioware to mod KOTOR. It was in their agreement. I think it sucked because with tools released better mods could have been done(Though some good ones were done without the tools). KOTOR2 will probably be in the same boat. Though perhaps some folks will be able to develop mods on their own. It wont be supported by Obsidian or Lucasarts. Considering the success of some games because of being allowed to mod you would think LA would be onboard so they could milk the game for all its worth. Half life what was around for 6 years with good sales because of all the different mods. If I were a software executive I would release tools just to hope some modding catches on and it increases the length of sales.
  19. According to the game quide. Sometimes you can still get conversations with a negative influence. So you are ds and talking to ls npc. if you acquire enough "negative" influence you can the same dialog options that is with a high positive influence. I have not tried this its just what the guide says.
  20. Yeah the handmaiden rocks at higher jedi levels. With my new game I am sandbagging her levels. I am debating how much to hold off on Mira's as well. Though her damage potential rocks with ranged. THough the dif between precise 3 and precise 5 is not too much.
  21. It is a shame they could not coordinate (OB and Bioware). Have Bioware make a new game engine and OB design the game concept dialogs and such. Dont get me wrong I loved KOTOR 1 but 2 seemed to have more depth with the characters.
  22. Yes you need to be either 75% dark or light. If you are wavering between a choice you can't get the prestige class at that time.
  23. This one is abit of a pain to use not as easy as posted on gamefaq. If you are a male character and the handmaiden is in your party go and spar with her. AFterwards you noticed she is scantly clad. Do the conversation path that has her get her clothes on. Then leave the ship and unequip her robe. Go back onboard the Hawke and tell her to get her clothes on again. She puts the robe on. But it still remains in the inventory. Also everytime you repeat the process its like a 2/1. Each robe sells for 2200 credits. In 5 turns I sold 11 of the robes. Can't remember who posted this on gamefaq but thanks:)
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