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  1. It actually affects custom companions as well. If you selected the +1 level x spell traits or have rings that increase number of spells per level, it will get permanently added to that character every time you sleep when they're not in your party. Removing and adding them back to the party does not seem to (reliably) trigger this bug.
  2. Your meaning is clear from context here, but: Hirelings are the generic premade characters (Skirmish Archer, Vanguard Soldier, etc) that you can hire to staff your stronghold. Adventurers or custom companions are the player-designed party members that you can hire to travel with you. Not trying to be "the terminology police". I point it out to prevent possible confusion in the future where the distinction might matter. Of course I guess you could call them "stronghold hirelings" and "party hirelings" if you prefer. Noted and fixed!
  3. Figured out what's triggering the bug: swapping characters out in maps they're supposed to appear in after leaving the party. If you swap a story companion out while in the Black Hound Inn or second floor of Brighthollow it will wipe their inventory and quick items, but it will not do this for custom companions; conversely if you swap out custom companions while in the Stronghold Barracks it will wipe their inventory and quick items, but story companions swapped out in this map won't be bugged. Swapping characters out anywhere else in the world - in other inns, the expedition hall in C
  4. I didn't even know about the controversy until recently, dug up the old limerick to see what it's all about and found something that pokes fun at insecure womanizers. No matter how much I logically understand there will be a gulf between how the people being depicted and the people doing the depiction of stereotypes, I'm still completely flabbergasted by the reactions.
  5. This sounds similar to an old problem I heard about when Windows XP/7 came out. People were complaining they would save files with one program, but if they tried to open it with another program they couldn't find it (but it would show up if they went to the location with Windows Explorer); the culprit turned out to be User Access Control being extremely restrictive on what programs were allowed to see - depending on the programs used and location of the files it even prevented said programs to see their own files (this is why I never install games in /Program Files, I have a seperate /Games di
  6. I just had this happen to Durance and Kana, but not Aloth. The only difference I can think of is that I swapped Aloth out while I was in Defiance Bay (I picked up Pallegina and wanted to get to the embassy with her right away and proceeded to do a couple quests while I was at it), but Durance and Kana were swapped out while in Brighthollow and immediately swapped back into the party.
  7. You're describing a completely different bug from what the OP is talking about. We're talking about weapon slots 3 and 4 disappearing (becoming locked), not the weapons themselves disappearing.
  8. Hm, I don't see this documented in the changes, but was AoE scaling for wizard spells supposed to be tuned down so much? My character is a wizard with 18 Int (19 with a magic item), Aloth has 15 Int (whoops, had him wearing the Diseased Yak Hat), and the size of their AoEs were very different prior to the patch (the red circle's radius was almost half that of Aloth's, while the overall radius of the entire spell was maybe 50% large, now they're almost the same with maybe 10% difference).
  9. I just came across this bug today and noticed that it triggers even when you have no party members. After some fiddling around I realized it was being triggered when equipping items - more specifically double clicking a piece of armor to equip it when you already have armor of the same type equipped. So in my case I had the helm that you find in the tutorial dungeon (the one you pick up from the body next to the chamber with the spiders) equpped and found an open helm off a bandit in Valewood; I double-clicked on the open helm to see what it looked like and noticed my third weapon slot imm
  10. What I would like to see are merchants who restock They're pretty sad excuses for merchants otherwise.
  11. I support Obsidian as well... but, how much of the profits do developers get from sales? I thought they were just paid by the publisher to make the game, and possibly receive a bonus depending on how well it sells? Most of the cash is going to LucasArts, either way <_<
  12. Yeah, I would love an expansion to the ending. I can overlook the bugs, since I've one of the fortunate few who haven't experienced as many of them as everyone else, but I was extremely disappointed when I first finished the game. Whole reason I bought the PC version was a faint hope that a patch or expansion would reintroduce the material. That and the loading times on Xbox sucked. Xavier97x2: That's the first time I've heard of that bug (well, second time, since you posted this twice. Might want to try your luck in the tech help forum). You're not making a character with 8 in Dexterity,
  13. I agree with the article as well, although I'm not going to wait for reviews if KotORIII comes out; I'd head straight to the boards and read the complaints. Reviews are too lenient sometimes
  14. yup, I noticed that also after I went through the template.bif, but it really doesn't matter since only the sealed door in the Sith Academy and the cache on Dxun need the thorium charge. All the cache has are a bunch of containers with random equipment, all of which you can cheat in, and the holocron in the Sith Academy only works if Revan was DS (I think... been a long while since I played DS ).
  15. a month? you're on the xbox then? sorry, they don't have cheats on the xbox
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