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  1. Inventory wipe bug: Whenever I place companions in the stronghold even if its only for a moment to update there gear everything in their quick slots and inventory gets wiped! I didn't notice till about 30 minutes ago, luckily I only lost a few potions and Aloths back up books. Had to roll back an hour because I lost a bunch of uniques I was saving on Kana. Chant lock bug: Kana keeps using the same chant after swapping him in and out of the party. If I call his chant "asdahdado" he will only use a chant with the same name on combat start. I'd have to manual trigger his chants if I want t
  2. I'm having the exact same problem. I am on my second playthrough and didn't have this problem on the first play through. It's infuriation since there are so many ways to leave the hold. This instantly ruined my speed run since I had to get up to the point before my stats got ruined. Does anyone know any console commands to move my party to another exterior?
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