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Found 7 results

  1. Question for players who completed this quest- I'm undecided as to who should be on the throne, does your decision here make a difference further down the line, or is it simply a bonus in reputation either way?
  2. I've found a few background issues in Redric's hold dungeons. I've experienced glitchy backgrounds in the skeletons room / animancers room. Also seen elsewhere in the castle. This is the Steam version. On the hold I'm finding the Steam version very stable (if a bit slow), nothing like other people have been reporting, just a couple of minor issues here and there.
  3. Hi, I'm on a second playthrough of PoE, there is something that I don't fully understand about the Sanctuary level in Raedric's Hold. Let me explain. First, I want to point out, I am trying to go the "sneaky/peaceful" route, no killing unless NECESSARY. So please don't just give me advice to play differently. On my first playthrough (as a Druid) I entered the hold through the sewer grate, cleared the dungeon, talked to Osrya who wanted me to go kill Nedmar, so made my way up to the Sanctuary level with all the Berathian priests, put on the Berathian Priest Robes on the body slot of each of my team members. Searched every room and crevice of the Sanctuary floor; 4 or 5 times I was approached by either a guard of priest asking me what I was doing, I always replied using the lines that pretty much put the priest/guard back in his place and to mind his business, as if I were more important than him and he shouldn't question me. The rest isn't really important, now... On my current playthrough (as a Rogue) I entered the Hold the same way, cleared out the dungeon, but this time unlocked Giacco's cell right away and killed Osrya right away, after which I made my way up to the Sanctuary level. Rinse & Repeat, put on the Robes on all party members, start exploring the level. First priest who asks me what the heck I'm doing, I'm not sure why, but the answer is lame, and then the next guard who questions me, I have no choice but to enter combat. I've tried using different party members to confront them, always the same outcome. I am a higher level than on my first playthrough, I am using the robes on all my party members... I'm not sure why I can't seem to get the replies I could on my first playthrough.
  4. Not sure if this is a bug but after I completed Lord of a Barren Land quest, the NPCs on the top floor of Raedric's hold are still hostile to me while the ones on the same floor as Raedric are not.
  5. I have several bugs Lord of a Barren Land: I killed Raedric and looted his body but it does not register in my quest log or complete the quest. I have exited the hold and returned to gilded vale and still nothing happens. I also encountered the key bug in Raedric's Hold where I cannot use the key given to me by Nedmar. At all costs: I chose to protect Verzano. After killing Danna Doemenel the quest was not completed. To complete the quest I reloaded and chose to let Verzano die. This was the only way to complete the quest for me. Finally, several of my party members have blindness that will not go away even after a rest.
  6. After completing Raedric's Keep (I managed to make my way through fighting as many bugs as NPCs, a test of patience for anyone) I cannot leave Raedric's Hold. I've tried the fix of going into my saves and deleting the files pertaining to the area-- AR_0707_Raedrics_Hold_Ext.fog, AR_0707_Raedrics_Hold_Ext.lvl, and also all the ones for inside the keep itself--but I still cannot escape. Any pointers? Here's all the necessary info: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-0Md-fFS4uYfnVDcGVTdUF6aDFaSnJvbzdQVTdkWEZNUFdaaGlkeWwxMmZJUTMtWFdaeXM&usp=sharing
  7. Alright, so, I went into Raedric's Keep and massacred everyone, and I mean everyone. I slaughter ever priest, sellsword and archer in the place, then get stuck at the first locked door. So I leave, level up and pick the lock on the high priest's door, free his friend from the dungeons and come back. He gives me a key he tells me will unlock any door in the place. Great, right? Only I used it once and now it's gone. This isn't exactly game-breaking, since I can once again leave, level up, come back and pick the locks again, but it's really, really inconvenient. Are keys supposed to self-destruct upon using them once? That would explain why half the doors in this place are locked.
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