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  1. Are the skill checks in these instances character based? or is your player character the one who leads all convos? Because I used Kana who has a 20 Intellect (with modifiers) and still the same responses, I used Edér, what's-his-name 'the priest', and Aloth, no difference with any of them either.. I mean, it isn't a big thing, I didn't NEED that to get rid of Raedric, but still wondered why my two characters who had similar stats didn't get the same options. (and I realize stats play a role in convos and scripted events).
  2. Hi, I'm on a second playthrough of PoE, there is something that I don't fully understand about the Sanctuary level in Raedric's Hold. Let me explain. First, I want to point out, I am trying to go the "sneaky/peaceful" route, no killing unless NECESSARY. So please don't just give me advice to play differently. On my first playthrough (as a Druid) I entered the hold through the sewer grate, cleared the dungeon, talked to Osrya who wanted me to go kill Nedmar, so made my way up to the Sanctuary level with all the Berathian priests, put on the Berathian Priest Robes on the body slot of each of my team members. Searched every room and crevice of the Sanctuary floor; 4 or 5 times I was approached by either a guard of priest asking me what I was doing, I always replied using the lines that pretty much put the priest/guard back in his place and to mind his business, as if I were more important than him and he shouldn't question me. The rest isn't really important, now... On my current playthrough (as a Rogue) I entered the Hold the same way, cleared out the dungeon, but this time unlocked Giacco's cell right away and killed Osrya right away, after which I made my way up to the Sanctuary level. Rinse & Repeat, put on the Robes on all party members, start exploring the level. First priest who asks me what the heck I'm doing, I'm not sure why, but the answer is lame, and then the next guard who questions me, I have no choice but to enter combat. I've tried using different party members to confront them, always the same outcome. I am a higher level than on my first playthrough, I am using the robes on all my party members... I'm not sure why I can't seem to get the replies I could on my first playthrough.
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