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  1. downloading the PC version sounds fine and dandy. i already paid for the xbox crap version, i have the right to get any version i want for free. -hutz
  2. i think obsidian should undertake KOTOR 3 utilizing the Jade Empire Engine. -hutz
  3. well, seeing that this game is using the D20 system, they basically have little say in how high the levels can go. WOC has alot of say in what rules are implimented and such. I know that bioware was under strict supervision with all their licenced D&D games with WOC, they had to do what WOC wanted most of the time. it may be different this go around though, not sure. but if they are sticking with the strict D20 system, there should be a level cap. (I may be wrong on this though, i don't have extensive knowlege of D20, only minor knowlege) -hutz EDIT: not even sure if Obsisi
  4. That's not how the d20 system works. Under standard d20, characters cap out at 20th level, and prestige classes only have 10 levels - in order to go higher, you need to use the Epic rules, which have a different save, attack bonus, feat, etc. progression. I don't have any of the myriad supplements for the pen and paper Star Wars RPG, but in SW, it shouldn't really be an issue, since the most powerful iconic characters statted out in the basic book go no higher in terms of level than high teens. Not that I mind that Sith Lords lets you go higher. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Y
  5. Technically, if they are staying true to D20 system, then a level 40 cap would be logical. (20 levels per class max...20 Guardian, 20 Weapon master) -hutz
  6. Well yes, i know this. But holding off as a level 2 made it that much more challenging to an already easy game. For KotOR i had my character planned out while my game was shipping on ebay...i had the whole 20 level progression with feats, force powers, upgrades with crystals...all planned out... Too bad there is no charts for K2.
  7. Mabey if you had level'd up sooner you wouldn't be in a bind thats an interesting strategy though. Alright, so there is no strategy for leveling up...ok, well...there goes my plan, i am gaining 2 levels tonite right away...woot! I wish there was one, one of my favourite things about KotOR was that i could pass through as a lvl 2 until i became a jedi, i found it challenging and rewarding...too bad there is no such thing in this game. -hutz
  8. hmmm, thats strange, but you could very well be right, i just assumed that until the sabre was attained, you couldn't specialized in the sabre, but i'll check it tonite.
  9. i am currently a level 5 (required 15000XP) and i currenty have 27000XP. I am saving my level ups for when i obtain my light sabre, then i can automatically add all these new feats and force powers based on obtaining a light sabre. Have any of you done this? This way (since i am a guardian) i can level up 2 times in a row for Lightsabre Specialization (which is why i am doing this). Anyways, post your lvl up strategies here! Are you the type to plan ahead for things like this? or do you just level up as you go? -hutz
  10. i dunno if this is a spoiler? anyways, It gives you a list of the items you can create in the whole game, ones that are "grey" you dont' have enough skill for (you may be required 9 repair skill to make a certain item) The items that you CAN make (have enough skill for) are highlighted in blue. In my infinite knowlege, having no idea what i was doing, made a longsword...then i still had crafting supplies left...47 of them...so i thought i had to use all of them to make the longsword...Nope, i now have a 20 longswords in my inventory. -hutz
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