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  1. It's not just laptops! I just loaded my copy on my desktop running an ATI 9600se and I get the same black screen! Any ideas on this? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Look at this thread: Buyers Advice: DON'T and tell me if it worked as well for you as it did for me.
  2. As my suggested solution works like a charm, and I get contacted by laptop owners with the same setup as me just asking that, I give this post a bump. Hope your game runs as smooth as it does now on my laptop now. Hope it keeps working... Still think it's a crying shame that I had to change my whole setup, and invest hours searching a solution on a game that says it's made for the setup I have. But anyway, hope it works for you too! Let us know on this thread, please.
  3. Ding! Dong! I hear a bell ringing. Did you try to change your sound settings (in sound - advanced settings) to software sound? Could help... I have a simular card, and changing to software sound fixed my graphic glitches. I use the latest Omega drivers. For more: see the 'Buyers Advice: DON'T' thread Don't ask me for the logic: it's a game. It doesn't suppose to work, just because you meet the requirements... But on the other hand, since changing my sound settings fixed (till ???) my graphic problems, maybe you have to tinker the graphic settings to get working sound???
  4. Hmm, don't know the specifics, but the Omega drivers can be installed on a laptop, which the ATI ones refuse. In my experience the Omega drivers work better with games. They are not officially supported, so it's on your own risk... Never had a bad experience with them, so ...
  5. Could it ... could it really be ??? Since I went to software sound (no big difference as music is all mono) the game works for me. That is: until now... To recapitulate for all you ATI users out there: get the latest Omega drivers. Install them like they should be installed (means uninstalling all things ATI, then installing Omega stuff) change to software sound pray that it works and keeps on working (Killing a virgin and letting the young maiden blood drop on your computer doesn't help, it seems...) Still wonder what will happen after I get a new movie bit, as this seem
  6. The saga continues: I keep you posted, so here is the latest. As I concluded from own experience that tinkering with the graphic settings doesn't change a thing (and after browsing most of the threads here), I decided it's time for illogical tinkering. So I disabled hardware sound in the advanced options of the sound menu. Loaded my latest savegame, and no flickering until now. Wonder how long it will last, and if the changes in the sound departement have anything to do with the sudden stable run? Any ideas? Suggestions?
  7. Meet all the requirements. Game doesn't work. See my other thread "Buyers guide: DON'T". It's a continuous saga of one guy trying to run the game with an ATI Radeon card.
  8. Latest update: And it goes on and on and on... I last left you when exiting the tube. Meanwhile I installed the latest Omega drivers. Everything worked ! ... for a little while. I check the computer of the morgue. When exiting the menu, new mayhem: Now the screen becomes a lot of random garbage. It flicks on and out, and the game is unplayable AGAIN. Any ideas, apart of murdering the whole development crew of KOTOR2?
  9. For those people with a huge reading problem: Every game I have (and I have lots: see installed games in my previous post) works like a charm. I also have 3 'normal' PC's, but as the one with the highest specs is the laptop I use this one. With absolutely every (for those deaf ones out there I repeat: ABSOLUTELY EVERY) game I have it gives the best performance. It used to be the case that laptops were bad for games. But times are changing. So don't give me the laptop is no good bulls***! This is 2005, not 1999... The only problem with laptops regarding games I experienced, is that you
  10. Happy 4 u, but something says me you don't have an ATI Radeon 9700? Look at the topics in this forum. I'm not alone... Anyway, glad some can actually play KOTOR2. (That's, strange as can be, what one expects if you buy a game) PS: have HL2, Doom3, KOTOR1, Pirates, RON, Vampire:masquerade, Chronicles of Riddick, Far Cry, AO, Hearts of Iron2, Silent Storm (+sentinels), Morrowind, Nexus: the jupiter incident, Beyond Good & Evil, Homeworld 2, starshatter, Massive Assault and Sacred installed on my laptop. They all work like a charm, installed without a glitch and do what they are sup
  11. Yoohoo, got the KOTOR2 the day it appeared in the shops. Let's install it. Bummer... After disc 1 I have to put disc 2. Easy isn't it? Then the fun begins: When I change to disc 2, it starts to install, then suddenly it needs disc 1. No prob. Put disc 1 in. Hmm, error. Now it needs disc 2 again. Put disc 2 in. Nice, it continues... for a little while. Then again: error. Needs disc 1 instead of the next disc (disc 3). Put disc 1 in. Errr, error. Needs disc 3. Put disc 3 in. Errr, needs disc 1. To make a very long story short: when I finally get to disc 4 the installation crashes. Oh, neve
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