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  1. so this doesnt fix the bug on onderon after solving the murder if you pass by the captain at the tower the trigger is still thre and he talks to you and nikko
  2. talk to her about her mother.. kreia tellls you about her... and after sparring with her tell her to put some clothes on.. she'll put on some jedi robes.. and ask her about them and she'll talk about her mom
  3. Force Body , and drain force... drain force is utterly useless cuz there are hardly any force users to use it on.. an force body just plain sucks
  4. yea... its called Random Loot Generator... unfortunately its a roll of the dice...
  5. first go here C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\swkotor2.ini and open the swkotor2.ini file in notepad and under [Game Options] put this EnableCheats=1 save the file and ... and now when you are playing .. press this button ~ its next to the number 1 key... now your character shouldnt be able to move... type the appropriate cheat and press enter
  6. ok i just got major influence with visas and not as much with handmaiden... on my first planet.... is that it??? no more influence with handmaiden for the rest of the game??? or is there a way to get it back?? cuz i really wanted to turn her into a DS guardian
  7. Location: Dantooine, Crystal Cave Description: After learning that Zerron might be trying to stir up trouble with the mercenaries, go outside and get Sadhe's quest to look for the Atmospheric sensors. Effect:: Allow Bao-Dur to examine the sensors, telling him he did a good job after finding the cameras, to gain Influence. ok i never get this optioon for him to examine the sensors... i find the sensors and he says something to the effect like .. theres something up.. and i say ill think about it... what a i doing wrong here i dont think you gain ifluence with handmaiden there.. n
  8. No glitch.. in the dock area behind Fassa there are the apartments.. have one of your stealth guys sneak into the room with the 2 guys that keep telling you you cant sneak up on them.. lol .. obviously your stealthed... theyll plot about how to get into the room... soooo.. just do what they say ... if you havent danced for Voga yet... Nows your BIG chance to SHINE!!! :D
  9. i've noticed this same technique on the HK factory level ... Obsidian seems to have a thing for this. in some cases they make a room and put all of the Holograms in that room .. when you activate the holo it cuts to that room that the holograms are in.. ... so when i was in the hk factory there was a hologram i just played.. i saw a door opened it and saw 3 hk holograms just standing there.. lol.. i think thats also why so many doors are locked on the harbinger .. to store the holograms there.. lol
  10. lol .. no prob.. but whats bothering me is not so much why he was imprisoned as so much what is he doing on peragus Period... ???
  11. here ya go http://www.geocities.com/superhashtee/Mods.zip Edit*** Btw if you want to warp to the Factory the warp codes are HK Factory - warp 298tel {Entry Level} - warp 299tel {Actual Factory} Droid Planet -warp 801Dro {Entry Level/Ebon Hawk Docking Area} -warp 802Dro {Has Next 2 Areas.. meaning no need to warp to 803/804} -warp 803Dro -warp 804Dro -warp 805Dro (Dunno what these next 3 where intended for} -warp 806Dro -warp 807Dro
  12. hmm i guess he ran out of bandwidth.. ill se if i can post up a link myself.. luckily i downloaded it
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