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  1. NWN for me as well. It's the only game I play in MP and only then via persistant worlds.
  2. The new Doctor Who is absolutely brilliant. Eccleston has the role down perfectly (it is a damn shame he only signed for one series) and the writing is excellent. Davies really has managed to tap the old series and mix it with a more modern sensibility. There is no doubt that it's Doctor Who, it's not re-imagined or any of that, it is the Doctor.
  3. I think this topic could be discussed in a far better manner. I'm locking this thread, and should you wish to try again please do so, but try to give the thread some integrity, please?
  4. Could this go any more off-topic?
  5. I saw Sin City on Friday night, and it's one of the best movies I've ever seen, and easily the best comics-to-film adaptation made. The movie had me in the first 30 seconds and didn't let go, I was utterly immersed in it and loving every second. The dialogue, the visuals, the music, the acting, all were spectacular. I'd have to say Mickey Rourke and Clive Owen stole the show, those two were phenomenal. It's fortunate that Rodriguez was able to convince Miller to cast Rourke, as Miller was initially against the idea, but Rodriguez's experience with Rourke in Once Upon A Time In Mexico encoura
  6. I'm really happy with my Kodak Easyshare CX7430 4MP camera. The resolution is very nice and has a great array of settings and configurations. The on-board memory holds only about 9-12 pictures, more or less depending on the quality chosen to use on them. That's more than enough for just taking pictures around the house or whathaveyou and uploading to the computer. For travel you'd definately want a memory card, but that's true for any digital camera. The only complaint I have is that the zoom isn't as wide-ranging as I'd like. Other than that, it's been a very good camera.
  7. Star Wars and licensed merchandising have been around since the first SW film, it's hardly anything new. The recent films have had far less of it than the original trilogy as well. Back with the first three films, it was hard not to find some SW license being used to sell some product.
  8. These sorts of shows are massively popular here in Canada. We've entire channels dedicated to them. I don't think the popularity of these shows indicates anything new in our culture, but they do definitely latch onto and explore something that is part of our culture but not previously at the forefront of popular awareness. People have always relied heavily on the opinions of others, it's in our nature. I don't know about a need for normality, but certainly most people like to think they're normal, so seeing something on tv that says so is comforting. I don't see a trend or problem
  9. It would have been something on the C64, but which I can't really say. Ultima, Phantasy, Bard's Tale, Wasteland, Seven Cities Of Gold, all were played extensively.
  10. This has run itself into the ground I think, and at 15 pages, well, it's lock-time anyways.
  11. Great. Care to give any links or elaborations on your opinion, or are you just posting this to be cantankerous?
  12. I'm so looking forward to the new Doctor Who, and have been for ages. The wait is killing me.. April 5th seems so far away. I haven't seen the new show yet; the version leaked isn't the final version, it's a pre-release screener, and I want to see it properly. The new show is being held in high, high esteem by Dr. Who fans, fans from the very first series through to the last one. The new series is pulling all sorts of stuff from the previous shows, and is being done as a proper Dr. Who, it's not a re-imagining, revamping or remaking at all. As for Hitchhikers, I'm looking forward t
  13. I'm not sure if the forum software is configurable like that. I do agree that the 4-letter minimum is awkward, particularly for a RPG-focused board, but that limitation seems pretty common across many message board softwares.
  14. I'd buy it. You could even do it as a part-time project and release it as a direct download purchased from the main site and skip marketplace distribution and publishers all together. Don't worry about a license, a homebrew gameworld would be great. I always liked the IE, and particularly it's incarnation in IWD2.
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