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  1. No, because one of the main staples of Dungeons and Dragons is a party-based campaign and the games from the Infinity Engine bring this about beautifully. To have a game carry the D&D tag and not have a party buildable as the result is contradictory, i.e., Neverwinter Nights. I've read about people playing the Baldur's Gate series with their one createable character. At least, however, there was an option to have a party as large as 6 with the Infinity Engine games. Hordes of the Underdark is almost semi-believeable as a D&D game when they added the option to have a total of 3 characters - the main character included. The D&D games developed lately, in my opinion, haven't lived up to its Infinity Engine predecessors when it comes to a party-based game - as D&D games ought to be like.
  2. I actually liked the graphics and gameplay a lot better with the Infinity Engine than a lot games out there, Neverwinter Nights being one example. I'm not trying to say that Neverwinter Nights wasn't good - the graphics were nice. I was just making a suggestion for a game to be developed with an engine that got a lot of really good use out of it and a high level of customer satisfaction. My two cents.
  3. My suggestion would be to make more Infinity Engine games. The Baldur's Gate series and Icewind Dale series have been my favorite RPGs. I like the graphics, sceneries, the music - although, IWD2 could have used more music instead of just background noise for most of the game. The simplicity of these games is what really appealed to me. Anyhow, just my two cents.
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