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  1. Makes sense. I'm happy with that although it would be nice if there was some kind of visual indicator that a section was complete/incomplete.
  2. thanks for the reply. I think what happened is that there was a sub option in race that had not been selected so the 'done' box didn't appear at all. when i went through all the options one by one, pressing next instead of the menu options at the top, I eventually got a 'done' box. My second attempt was in windowed mode, but i assume that's the explanation. thanks again.
  3. I must be missing something really obvious, but after going through all the options for character creation, and entering their name, nothing happens. The character model is still moving, I can see the name and click on all options (race, class, etc), but I can't start the game and cant see a box or anything to tick to start. What am I missing?
  4. I agree, his origonal story was like 100x better btw Lucasarts are **** <{POST_SNAPBACK}> http://rpgvault.ign.com/articles/575/575798p2.html it's quite an interesting article. worth a read - has some good quotes from Chris Avellone and Chris Parker. Obsidian's idea of Kotor3 (and what they intended with K2) also get a mention. not sure what he means by the 'vision quests' in K2 though. Anyone? u
  5. Hope i'm not misunderstanding what you posted, but i have had good results finding things on these forums using google. all i did was type: obsidian, and then the terms of my search, e.g. "Bao-Dur" Jedi possible (or can, or how) (not the exact search but you get what i mean)........ I didn't type "sith lords" or anything because i was trying to eliminate as many results as i could that weren't from this site. I guess obsidian.com or variations might work ok also. its not absolutely perfect, but i still got exactly what i was after. there might be a better way, but i haven't needed to look for one because it's worked well for me so far. The spoiler thing could still be an issue, but i had already finished the game before i looked too far for things like that. not sure if that's what you were asking but if it was, hopefully it might help. somebody else on the boards may know a more specific way to search, if so i'd be interested to know also. u.
  6. Thanks for the reply Phosphor. Your explanation makes sense, because the rule does make life difficult. This is the first time i have seen that type of restriction, but then again i am not exactly a member of many boards. Looks like any hopes that it will be changed are pointless then. thanks again, u.
  7. Sorry that my first post is on this subject, as i just finished playing TSL and it was fantastic. NPC's and party interaction were brilliant, so too was the way the story was told. I tried searching for this topic before i posted, but.... well that's the reason for this post. I realise that Obsidian is not a search engine company, but i have a lot better luck searching these forums using google than the internal engine. The +4 letter rule is a little strange. Maybe i am doing something wrong but, for example, how does one search for Bao-Dur? Using " "'s doesn't work, and obviously Bao or Dur wont be accepted. Trying it without the " "'s (but with the hyphen) comes up with nothing as well. I don't mean to cause any offense at all (waits for the flames to rise (w00t) ), but if the search could be improved a little (including the 4 letter rule), I at least would be very happy. When you are making games that have very in-depth stories and massive spoiler potential, if the search function is not great there is always the risk of being massively spoiled, partly because you might have to be much broader in your search. 'non-spoiler' forums do help, but sadly that doesn't stop some people. I'm sure i will be visiting this site for a long time, and will buy anything that Obsidian and its people can think up (IMO you don't get any better than PS:T and Kotor2), but it would be nice if the search was a little more user friendly. sorry for the long post, just a suggestion
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