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  1. Dual sabers. Red. DS. Kreia, Atton, Revan. Hmm.. Onderon I think.
  2. Can this thread be moved? To spoiler or generaL? Picked the wrong forum --.--
  3. Actually I just want to play KOTOR some more.. never played the number one.. didnt seem to be able to get it.. and I am bored and KOTOR have alot of replay value I suppose. So I intend to go another character and play through the game
  4. :D So... ive played through this game with a sith lord, and a jedi weaponmaster. Both prestige classes have matching starting classes. I am looking for another character to play.. the only class that seems left is the sentinel? To me the sentinel dont really sound fun.. they are.. eh good at sneaking and can do abit of everything. And should I go light or dark (Which one is the funniest?) Well if anyone got any ideas / info then please post it =) Thanks. :D EDIT: ouch.. the wrong forum? :S I hate when I misclick --.--
  5. I pray to god that you aren't serious. :'( I would rather die an painful death than to see her toss her clothes of. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> >.> well.. then you havent felt.. THE TRUE POWER OF THE DARKSIDE YET!!!!!!111oneone999!!!1
  6. HUh? After seing kreia billions of times you start to wonder whats behind the robe... ... ..
  7. Anyone got any good hints or anything? Because Gotos yacht is kinda... The worst part of KOTOR. Cant make it through.
  8. When you have a kinkeehh dream about Kreia... .... ... Yea
  9. Having the problem that only my jedi is strong enough to take down the masses of druids there are there. Cant really get through.. Kinda annoooying.
  10. Yeah, if playing like an Consular, atleast i prefer to chose the Dark side, and with that Sith Lord. They got so funny and cute force powers . Well, i advice you to get the wonderful powers "Force Storm" and "Death Field", love them. And of course, the power you only can have if you are a sith lord, "Force Crush". Force crush is probably my favorite power, it's really powerfull. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nice.. thanks for the reply
  11. The Dark Side is nice I know.. A jedi master / consular seems the worst class to me since they dont got many attack spells. I will make a Sith Lord now then... Any good hints that i should know while playing a Sith Lord?
  12. Well. I have rushed through this game once.. alot of stuff I never got too see and such. So i want to try out a new character and go much more into depth with that. I wanna know if anyone got some nice ideas and if they have had any good / bad experiences with diffrent sorts of characters. Thanks :D
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