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  1. Random stuff found, without using any XP exploits: Sith Tremor Sword Echani Vibroblade Mandalorian Disintegrator Barab Ore Ingot Solari crystal Upari crystal
  2. Only Sentinels, Watchmen, and Assassins can learn Niman. Only Guardians, Weapons Masters, and Mauraders can learn Juyo.
  3. No, alignment is a factor too. I have item templates and conditionals for obsolescence right before me. Once again, incorrect. A dark, grey, or light crystal has different abilities, but at each particular equivalent level, they offer an equivalent amount of power. The only thing that can change the power of the crystal itself, is the character level (and Kreia adjusting it). This power will be described by the intensity of the glow in the crystal, and has nothing to do with the alignment. The only way that someone can say that a particularly aligned crystal is more pow
  4. Reload the game, and select the option of "Actually, I can blame you. Violently!" and see him squirm.
  5. Niman doesn't have any particular weaknesses. You'll get a very modest (+1) boost to many of your abilities such as defense, attack, blaster deflection, etc., and it's better than having no lightsaber form at all, if you want to use a lightsaber. I prefer Juyo, simply because you get that extra attack, and your critical threat range is significantly increased. To me, taking the defensive penalties associated with Juyo are worth it.
  6. Hold on just a minute... The sheer power of the crystal is solely dependent on your character's level. You don't need to have Kreia update it 10 times, since she'll sync the crystal to your current level. Thus, even if you did Dantooine as your last planet, and somehow were L31+, then the first time she syncs it, it will be at its maximum power.
  7. It's based on the random loot generator. The higher your character's level is, the more likely you'll get better loot. Some incidents end up giving you a chance at "high quality loot." As a result, these instances can end up with you finding a nice robe in them. The big drawback, though, is that you have to be of a very high level to trigger the really rare ones, such as Nomi's robe, Thon's robe, Keto's robe, Bindo's robe, Malak's armor, etc. You probably won't reach those levels without using cheats, since there's really only a limited number of quests you can do.
  8. In a nutshell... When you're on Onderon for the first time, if you end up deciding to help General Vaklu (after talking with Tobin), then you're pretty much doomed to the dark side, and must eventually kill all three Jedi masters. If you've done too many "evil" things on Onderon, such as killing all three captains, then you will not have a choice when you talk with Tobin in the cantina. If you've managed to get two of the captains to resign without killing them, then you can still turn down Tobin's offer and side with the queen. ' If you haven't removed the captains, then y
  9. It all depends on how much do you want to throw into your feats. If you're a Consular / Jedi Master / Sith Lord, or a Sentinel / Watchman / Assassin, then you're probably best off just using one saber, maxing out your Duelling feat tree, and working from there. You get a nice +3 attack and +3 defense bonus, too. It takes a lot of feats to get a decent two weapon fighting build going, and unless you're a Guardian (or one of the Guardian-type prestige classes), you might not have as many feats to spare. The way I see it, as a Consular class, you're going to mostly be using you
  10. They're not the same. Malak and Revan were busy conquering the universe after Malachor V, where Nihilus was "born." As powerful as he was, he couldn't be in two places at one time. Besides, I'm guessing that the goofy mask that Nihilus wore wouldn't fit over Malak's jaw.
  11. There might be a glitch in the Korriban cave. I've found that if you try to "save" Kreia, then you can constantly repeat the scenario, earning LS points in each case. The only way I was able to move on was to select the "I'll do nothing" and wait for the "Apathy is death!" speeces from everyone.
  12. Just finish Goto's Yacht. If you've been at least neutral or light-sided, then she'll become part of your party after you destroy the yacht.
  13. Of course you can be a good melee combatant as a consular. The key is, though, that you aren't going to be as much of a tank as a Guardian will be. To build a melee consular, realize that you're not going to get too many feats. Thus, trying to build up a character for two weapon fighting isn't going to be too productive. Instead, focus on improving your duelling feats. By the time you max it out, you're getting a nice +3 to hit and +3 defense bonus. Combine this with a weapon focus: lightsaber feat and now that's up to +4. By the time you really do need to enter lightsabe
  14. You're right. You will get your first lightsaber part after helping either the Ithorians or Czerka. Chodo (Ithorian) will give you a part after you've finished his quests, or the fellow at the docks who works for Czerka will give you that same part if you helped Czerka. You can get the color crystal from the Dobo brother merchant (the store near the Cantina on the Telos station) . Other than that, though, there's no way to get any more saber parts until you've finished Telos, and have moved onto your first planet. A fast way to get the remaining two parts you need, is t
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