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  1. Chiss Wookiee Yuuzhan Vong Mandalorian's are considered a race right? or a faction?...
  2. Well Nihilus is the way he is because he "transferred his essence to his armour" as stated in Legacy#05 Comic by Darth Krayt. So i can't see him being a force created opposite of the Exile... I can't imagine Zayne being Nihilus, possibly Sion? or just the protaginist of some random planet's destruction later in the comic series? Lucien is a good argument he seems to have some connection with that Miraluka. Perhaps Visas reminds him of her years after her death if Lucien does turn into Nihilus. Squint could also be a possibility but is there any real similarity between him and Nihil
  3. Ok...this may be farfetched but it just hit me so be patient and open minded about it before you decide to slap me lol Ever thought Darth Nihilus could possibly be Darth Malak somehow?...i know the same lightsaber scripts and animations were used due to time constraints. So they seem similar there. But... * Nihilus's player model is the same height and build as Malak. (again this could be a time constraint issue) * Nihilus can't speak anything thats recognisable, and neither could Malak unless he had those pads attatched to the remains of his face. So if Malak did transfer his ess
  4. I understand what you mean about the mind replacing etc....you make a very good point. I guess other than having Revan just decide she'd rather go darkside i couldnt think of any other reason for her to possibley stray that far. (bear in mine though my hope for K3 IS that Revan returns to the DS or atleast, strays into it and possibly recovers) Personally i still feel theres a balance between Revan and the Exile, one is full of the hforce (could you call it, overflowing perhaps?) and inspires and gains respect from those around her. The other "hijacks" if you will the force connections of
  5. Kreia's words about the "real sith threat" made me wonder was Revan this actual threat....heres my thinking. Revan was turned to the light unvoluntarily (the mind wipe etc and planting "happy" thoughts). So perhaps over time as her memory came back the "happy" thoughts were being replaced by her original mentality, which was that of a Sith Lord/Dark Jedi. Yet possibly her time under the influence of these "happy" thoughts stopped her from acting upon her dark ones. -"Revan knew that the true war is not against the Republic. It waits for us beyond the Outer Rim. And she has gone to figh
  6. I play LightSide usually because it makes things more interesting, just cutting down everyone in your way or threatening them gets dull after awhile, so i like to perhaps negotiate or help people out through the game. Also i feel LS is better, save the galaxy, destroy the Sith, re-unite with the Jedi Masters....etc
  7. I'd have to say Exile Revan Ulic Qel Droma Exar Kun But i'll only comment on Revan and Exile for now :D Kreia says that the Exile is the strongest she trained since Revan and add the fact he basically can kill someone with a thought by severing their force connection or "life connection" i think that would make him more powerful than Revan. All we know about Revan is she was a master strategist, effective leader, powerful in the force and thats really about it. She's powerful but with such a strong connection to the force i think if she were to fight the Exile he'd only
  8. I would like to point out im a guy but i preferred my Female Revan because i used her in my 2nd play through which i payed more attention to while playing finding out all sorts of secrets and exploring instead of just finishing main quests. Revan:-=> Name: Escara Braitano Gender: Female Head: This One Weapon: Two Single Bladed Red Lightsabers Class: Scoundrel/Sentinal Alignment: Darkside Romance: None Exile:-=> Name: Arcus Windu Gender: Male Appearance: Clicky Clicky Weapon: Single Bladed Blue Lightsaber Class: Watchman/Guardian Alignment: 100% Lightside Romance: No
  9. LSM Exile - *Jeht Falco *Arcus Windu *Vash Pendrak
  10. Jedi dont need to reproduce because Jedi fill their ranks from the general population of the galaxy. They find force sensitives and train them, although if they had children that were force sensitive i'd imagine they would do the same.
  11. My preference has always been a Male Lightside Exile and Female Lightside Revan because IMO it fits with how i think K3 should or will play out. Which is a very simple idea... Revan is mind wiped, converted to the light...but never converted willingly so the darkness is still inside her somewhere. She finds this constant urge to head out into the unknown (this is what little bit of the darkside is left thats urging her). She thinks its a Sith threat and tells both Carth and Canderous to prepare for a war. But Kreia knows the truth, and she makes a play on words in telling the Exile about t
  12. Probably because there were numerous authors and writers who didn't really seem to have some structure to follow on from one book to another. It seemed to me as if one author read the book before the one they were writing in the series.
  13. KOTOR era has so much more to offer that still keeps the Star Wars feeling to it. There is Sith and Dark Jedi that are abundant within the galaxy making for a familiar yet different enemy. Aswell as the fact not all Species/Races/Planets, in the movies or books, have been discovered and documented so this makes for some interesting ideas to write about. NJO on the otherhand, albiet it is a little interesting, just hasn't got what it takes IMO. The downsides to it to me were... Chewbacca's death - Yes, our beloved wookiee was killed...why....just why!?!?! Coruscant's "Vong
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