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  1. You've read my mind. For very long I have been an advocate of using what you consider 'mature themes' to make people political and globally aware, especially young people who so often have no clue on these things and usually follow what their parents say. A good example was Jade Empire. When I was playing it and I asked Smiling Mountain on the philosophy of 'The way of the Open Palm' and 'The way of the Closed Fist', I saw an incredibly simplistic view of human behavior and life in general. For example, the Way of the Open Palm was meant to be a Confucius-like philosophy but with 'good' a
  2. I've always wanted to tell Kreia: "Oh of course, I mean helping others only weakens them! Right! Hurray for logical fallacies!"
  3. Why not? He speaks the same way that the sith holocrons do.
  4. "Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people." -Karl Marx Nuff said. Onto the original topic. Kreia is wise and she certainly knows what she is talking about. However, I disagree with most of her philosophy. However, there is one thing I found realy interesting and true in what she said, 'It is better to make them see through your eyes, than to close them forever.'
  5. The teachings of Karl Marx and Engels. Communism all the way!
  6. Haven't you heard? Kreia is THE hottest ****. You all know you want to dig her.
  7. The war made Europe stronger only becuase it was allowed to recover and it received help from us. But what about Europe after the war? It was practically in ruins. Same way after World War I. And don't just look at those two wars. Most wars leave a nation weakened afterward. Just look at France after the defeat of Napoleon, or the U.S. after the Civil War. Just look at any country involved in long conflicts. Just look at how the arms race in the Cold War weakened the U.S.S.R. The same would have happened with the Republic/galaxy - and it did happen. Aren't we forgetting the Repu
  8. Wrong. The US did not stay out of the war. It also cost the US a lot of money, but their influence was greatly extended over Europe. But, once again, you are looking at the physical aspect of the war. Besides, the 'money' you mention is called 'Marshall Aid'. Many countries accepted this money (It was not a donation and it was not out of the goodness of the USA. They were motivated by self-interest in that they could create more markets in Europe, therefore avoiding another depression like the one in 1929), but they would have to give it back in time, which they did. The war made Europe stron
  9. Indeed? You are wrong. Wars make a country stronger, not only physically (Economically), but mentally as well. There many examples of this. The USA being one. It always came richer and more powerful after a war. And Europe did become stronger too. Look at it. The European Union came into formation because of the second world war. Or the UN. It came into being because of the second world war. And because people did not want to suffer similar disasters, they approved of this. They learned their lesson. Why do you think humanity as progressed so much? And without war, techonology would not have p
  10. I don't think the dialogue has anything to do why l like Kotor I better than Kotor II. I mean, l really liked the dialogue, but as previously said, there are a few points: -Not enough choices. Everything is sort of forced on you. Not enough choices as to how the game ends. (This has more to do with the cut content) -It didn't feel as 'Star Wars' as Kotor I. There was too much 'Grey Jedi' and not enough good or evil fighting. Of course, sometimes it's nice to put a character which questions these two terms. Compare Jolee with Kreia. -Influence system and the RLG were kind of annoyin
  11. Indeed. I have the game and finished it with both sides. Jerec is a dark Jedi and, as a Miraluka, he is blind and can only see through the force. He is not really a Sith Lord, but he does lead the remnant imperial forces. His lightsaber colour is (Obviously) red, single. His objective was to find the valley of the jedi, which happened to store the power of ancient jedi who were buried there. Kyle Katarn, guided by his fathers message, becomes a jedi and (Cannon is light side obviously) defeats Jerec in the end.
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