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  1. 1. The Passion of the Christ 2. The Star Wars Movies as a hole 3. Batman Begins 4. Dare Devil 5. Equilibrium 6. The Matrix Movies as a hole 7. The Last Samurai 8. The Alamo(the most recent one) 9. Indiana Jones (the first and third one) 10. Gladiator
  2. I have just recently viewed a web page that stated that there was going to be a new force fx lightsaber, a blue one, that looked like Obi-Wan Kenobi's in ROTS. If this is true, that is awsome, I own the Anikan Skywaker blue ROTS lightsaber but I would go get the Obi-Wan lightsaber as soon as it came out, if it is. If someone has any new info on this please write back and let us all know.
  3. The Bible is Divnely inspired, it is the only book with absolutely no lies or falsehoods in it.
  4. Funny thats what the othert religions used to say before christianity came along. Not the jesus part obviously. Compared to the sum total of human history christianty is just the latest fad. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> 2000 years of the strongest following a relligion has ever seen, oh yeah it's just a fad, yeah right.
  5. The Lord Jesus's teachings are truth in it's purist form, he loves you and he wants to save you.
  6. My lord Jesus is no myth, he is God and he is your only chance.
  7. Your an ediot, but Jesus loves you. If you choose the dark path, if you choose hell, if you choose to burn for eternity, it is your choice but I have no simpathy for you. You will burn of your own accord.
  8. I was recently watching a show on the history channel that was trying to scientificly prove the Da Vinci code to be true, it failed gloriously, and now the book and the soon upcoming movie is not only a lie and blasfemy but a profound waste of everyones time. I know some of you are going to bash me on this topic, go ahead, I welcome it because it will only draw more attention to my words. There was supposedly a Merovingian Royal line decending from Jesus to a French Queen, looking past the fact that this is complete blasfemy, the DNA evidence colected from a bone fragment of the French Queen would have to have evidence that it was decended from a middel eastern source, it didn't it was from a european source. Also, there was an organization that supposedly protected the alternate and false story of Christianity, they were called the propriety of sion, and Da Vinci was supposedly a leader amongst its ranks in the early 16th century, yeah only one problem, the propriety of sion didn't exist until the mid 20th century. There was also some supposed list of decendents, only one name was even verified to have existed, the rest of the 50 or so names didn't have any historical evidence that they even existed. So I love the fact that this theory was proven false, I didn't even need scientific proof of the Da Vinci codes falsehood, Jesus Christ my Lord, Savior, and God never sucome to the earthly temtations of man, and Mary Magdillan was just a close freind to Jesus, just as his apostles were. Poor Mr. Da Vinci is probalby turning over in his grave in discust to this whole idea, and whoever tied his name to this retarted idea, tarnishess a good man's name, and that person should be very ashamed of himself, as well as he needs to ask The Lord Jesus for forgiveness for blasfeming the Holy name of Jesus Christ. For all who do not beleive in Jesus, how can you see what he did for us and not beleive, crusifiction is one of the most painful deaths that a person could experiance and he did it for us, not only that but all the sins of existence were poured on The Lord Jesus that day and he did it so that we could be saved from hell and so we could commune with the him. The Lord Jesus concered death so that we may not fear it. Jesus loves you, and it's not to late to except his love and forgiveness, I promise you will not regret it. Salvation awaits for thoose who will merely take his offer and gift of salvation.
  9. Your wrong, the point to life is to have a personell relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Jesus loves you and to have peace all you need do is to except him, and you will receive everlasting salvation.
  10. V for Vendetta is a great movie, it's way of looking at life is very enlightening, and very beautifull at times, V is the coolest character I've seen anybody come up with in along time. The Star Wars movies are always great, I love Return of the Jedi, the Star Wars movies are my favorite movies of all time. You all should really watch the Passion of the Christ, it shows what the Lord Jesus, my and humanitys savior did for us, he died for us so that all you have to do to be saved is except the Lord Jesus as your savior, he gives the greatest gift of all time so freely and yet so many reject him, it is very sad that so many stuborn hearts will not except what deep down inside of them they know is true.
  11. contiuning with my life and not listening to all the bashing going on around here, it's like no matter what I start saying in my topic even if it has nothing to do with religion most of you come in here and bash me, and bash my faith in Jesus. Give it a rest, I get it, you all do not beleive in God, it's your loss, for my faith in Jesus is all that has gotten me through my life, I don't see how you atheists get thru the day without beleiving theres a God, where do you think you go when you pass away, I'm going to Heaven when I die, and I don't understand anyone who is okay with just floating into oblivion, if that is what you beleive why are you alive, whats the point.
  12. I have a fiance, and she thinks almost exactly like me, we both have an unshakeable faith in Jesus as our Savior, Lord and God.
  13. If you are serious, I am sorry, if you have any more to say about the masons, just keep writting in this subject, I'll continue to read it. I'm really getting tired of this baley guy.
  14. I listen to Demon Hunter, it's really cool.
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