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  1. I thought she just said he was the greatest "duelist."
  2. Well someone's got an attitude. Besides, how do you know Kreia isn't hovering over you right now?
  3. Well, okay, maybe not Final Fantasy. Just something that's notably improved over the way KOTOR1 & KOTOR2 handled it. I don't suppose an "Elder Scrolls" style would go too far, would it?
  4. If they make a KOTOR3, they should give HK-47 more weapons of meatbag destruction like a rocket launcher or flamethrower. "
  5. My suggestions and wishlist: 1. Replacement of "d20" system used in KOTOR1 & 2. It just doesn't seem to work right for a video game. Go for something closer to Final Fantasy. :cool: 2. More of Sith arts included and embraced; that means Sith Alchemy, Sith Sorcery, etc. 3. Subtler Darkside options; less overt brutality that goes right into combat, and more of the following goodies: * "Don't push that button!" "[Press Button] You mean this button?" * "[Persuade] You know, she's lying to you........." * "[Force Persuasion] You will jump in the central square" * Using Computer Use skill to trigger "accidents" * "My new apprentice Lord Vader will take care of you" * "I love the Republic. I love democracy." * "[Force Persuade] You will honor your life debt by killing your best friend" 4. More Kreia style dialogue 5. More stealth action for Scoundrels/Sentinels/Watchmen/Assassins 6. Two words: Force Absorb 7. A Sith Lord who isn't a meatbag, blinded by power, or astronomically hungry. 8. Return of Jolee, Atton, and Mira; any continuity complications be damned! 9. Scene involving the fatal immolation or decapitation of Carth Onasi, preferably: * At the hands of Revan * By HK-47's own doing 10. Triple the length of the current two KOTOR games, at minimum. 11. Jedi/Dark Jedi/Sith robe dyes 12. Emphasis on the diplomatic nature of Jedi Consulars/Masters, and a twisted version for Sith Lords 13. Interactive holocrons 14. A visit to Coruscant, Corellia, or Alderaan 15. Lesbian/bi-curious romances 16. Teal lightsaber color crystals 17. Give HK-47 lots of new WMD's: Weapons of Meatbag Destruction
  6. So what weapon style is your favorite?
  7. I think Edea from Final Fantasy VIII would be a good style to go with.... "
  8. I'd say that the gravity of a planet attempting to collapse in on itself would probably cause something resembling Malachor V in KOTORII. Of course, I have no idea of the physics of it so I may be wrong. The Storm Beasts probably came about after the fact, and were probably put in place by Kreia or Nihilus to protect the Trayus Academy from those who might mistakenly (or purposefully) land on Malachor. The things use Force Scream, so I think they are infused with the Force to a degree, hence my suspicion about them being created by one of the three Sith Lords. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> They might be relate to the Terentatek, or at least created with Sith Alchemy in that way.
  9. Fixed. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, we know Belaya was a LOT more faithful than Juhani. " Juhani: "I think I may have feelings for you." Revan: "So do I, but....weren't you and Belaya an item?" Juhani: "Yes, but she isn't nearly half the magnificent, radiant woman you are! After we defeat Darth Malak, let's go snuggle up in the port dormitory and press our slimy, wet, mucus-covered lips together." HK-47: "Conclusion: Such pheromonally driven, hypocritical meatbag behavior never ceases to decrease the charge in my capacitors and make me want to put a blaster pistol to my behavior core."
  10. Ummm...mentor and "force chain" does have gameplay uses....
  11. I can definitely say I'd be Kreia: neutral-minded, observant, and manipulative. Only real difference is I'm not an old woman with defunct eyes. There's some traces of Disciple (calm, low-key), Bao-Dur (technical), Jolee Bindo (witty), and G0-T0 (favoring stability and order) however. You monster..... <_<
  12. Wait.....what does lesbianism have to do with the holocrons?
  13. Juhani & Belaya = lesbian couple If you killed Juhani at the grove, Belaya will be so grief-stricken she'll join the Sith and attack you on Korriban for killing her lover.
  14. Something tells me no one lives to see the next morning when they spend a night with her......
  15. Why does the "canonical" have to be a man? Why can't Darth Revan be a woman? (same for Exile)
  16. And Atris' unrequited love for the Exile. In most cases the other one initiated it. Let's have a look...... Atton: Atton pretty much flirts with Exile as during his free time, even asking Bao-dur on what his "chances" are. And he's the perfect candidate for a darkside female Exile to turn into a loyal *****. Disciple: That gimp....I mean guy you pick up in the sublevel seems to threaten Atton's ummm....claim. Never really payed much attention to Disciple myself though........ Bao-dur: Well, there's the whole species barrier, but that did'nt stop that one flash movie from being made. " Mandalore: Revan has him whipped, so he's off-limits. Mira: She assured the Exile that she would likely end up killing him if they hooked up power couplings. She also said she would have to lay the smackdown on a jealous Visas & Handmaiden to defend her territory....I mean the Exile. Draw your own conclusions. Handmaiden: Oh I'm sure the fact that she insists on sparring in undergarments was only a coincidence......... Visas Marr: "My life for yours." Need I say more? Talia most definitely has a gym membership and has cortosis in her skin. She must've withstood at least 10 lightsaber strikes from my darkside exile Sith Assassin.........
  17. Now THIS is Goth: one of the female player faces, not fully Darkside but leaning that way: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, I really liked the eyes and purple lips....
  18. Speaking of "Vogga the Hutt," how do you finish the "Vogga the Hutt" quest that starts if you listen in on the trandoshans at the cantina? (not the ones at the flophopuse)
  19. The Ravager was at Malachor V, and the Exile commanded there, so.... And on Atris: She didn't understand how her idol, the Exile, could turn away from the Jedi order, and it's obvious she didn't have the courage to join Revan's crusade like she really wanted. And of course studying Sith Holocrons aren't exactly risk-free.... Possibly because Canderous Ordo could be her daddy......
  20. HK-47 in both. His dialogue is priceless in both games, and I even "revisited" his dialog in KOTOR2 multiple times just for humor.
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